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Where can you buy cheap bike chains?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by banditbob, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Just wondering where I should look for a basic chain and u lock?

    I'm going to need to chain my bike up preddy crazy cos I have to park it at a facility overnite as parents wont let me keep on property :cry: .

    So in addition to an alarm system, im going to put about 5 chains around bike and poles.

    So where can you buy cheap chains?
  2. If your that worried about security WHY would you buy a cheap chain???
  3. I had a demo of a disk lock the other day which incorporated an alarm. Seemed pretty good and was fairly cheap too.
  4. Haha, this guy still. I told you buddy - if it's visible and easy to have 5 minutes alone with, it's gone. One chain or twenty, you're dreaming. Also - cheap chains? If anything you'd want the most expensive ones you can find.
  5. forget the cheap chains. if your going to get one get a bloody good one. stuff teh cost, just get it.

    i have great faith in my Kriptonite. Expensive but bloody solid.

    go to www.motorcycle-accessories.com.au and click on "road accessories" then "security and locks" and check them out.

    Oh and good luck, your going to need it!
  6. I have one I can let you have cheap, its just missing a few links but it should be ok :LOL:

    It comes with the paddlock but I have lost the key, let me know where you live and if I find the key I will pop over :LOL:

    I have the shortest one of these and wrap it around the front wheel and forks as tightly as possible. It is an OK chain and the lock that comes with it is just for show really, but it is better than using cut to length chain from the hardware store if only for the nylon outer to protect the bike from scratches. I also deem it to be stronger than the cable locks.

    I have had someone try to knick off with the bike and the chain stopped them, but it was parked directly under a street lamp on the nature strip in front of a largish block of flats. So maybe they were disturbed and given more time would have produced the correct tools to make off with the bike. I am just glad they didn't drop it off of its stand onto the ground or start vandalising it once they realised they could not steal it.

    I wanted a good visual deterrent and this fits the bill better than the cheapies available in the MC stores in my opinion. Obviously a Kryptonite Faggedaboutit (sic) will be better. But both can be defeated with patience and the correct tools. Having owned push bikes and used them for commuting I can definitely say that the lock itself doesn't make too much difference, positioning the bike in a safe place is the key thing.

    Move out or rent some space at a secure storage place or look in the newspaper for garages for rent. There are bound to be some garages available for let in your area at an OK price.