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Where can I ride?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nake., Jan 22, 2009.

  1. So i got my Ls yesterday, and my father bought a nice little CBF 250 '07.

    im not too keen on getting right out into the traffic specially on a bike im not used to (dont want to be looking for switches whilst in traffic).

    My delema is that i live on a pretty busy road, I would have to ride about 500 metres in a 3 lane road until i can take a left turn and get to some more quiet streets...I know that seems like nothing but im just not comfortable with it yet. My dad and I went for a ride yesterday, I pillion'd till we got to some quiet streets, then i just rode around the block a couple of times and through some stop signs, practising mirrors / head checks, buffering away and getting off the mark / changing gears. I then took it to the tafe carpark via pillion and roared around the carpark for a while only topping about 60. In the carpark i am fine riding around. Its just traffic that gets me.

    So does anyone recommend i go on the road that little bit and then pull into the quieter streets? or should i just take it easy till im 100% ready?

    nake .
  2. Hello,

    Go out early, around 6am on weekdays, or on a Sunday morning any time up to 10am. There is not much traffic then & you would be able to get some confidence on the three lane road plus practice in the quieter streets.

    Other than that, if your Dad is patient, keep going along with him until you are ready to go out on your own.
  3. traffic is always the biggest thing to adjust to. so long as you do it gradually you'l be fine. your right to feel uncomfortable on a main road straight up. you could always walk the bike down the footpath i guess with hazards on till you get to the side street. anyone would just presume you've run out of fuel or such. renee_aw is right with time choice. my mate used to go out riding at the middle of the night when he first started till he got some confidence up and tackled day time. good luck
  4. as said, pick a quieter time and just go out for a ride. i live in a quietish area... but after a few rides was ready to hit the bigger roads.

    good luck, and most importantly, enjoy it :grin: