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Where can I get 'nuclear explosion' insurance?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by zenali, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. I'm browsing for insurance for my car and I noticed this in the list of things that they will not cover me for:

    "Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by, arising from, or
    connected with: the use, misuse or existence of nuclear weapons;

    I have to say, that made me stop and think.

    It would actually fall under this exclusion in most cases:

    "Loss or damage caused by any war, warlike activities or
    revolution including any looting or pillaging.

    What other weird things can you get insurance for? And what other things can't[/] you get insurance for?
  2. :shock: Well I believe that nukes do exist, so does that mean ALL insurance is null and void? :shock:

    And fcuk that... I want to be insured for everything thats outta my control, if a nuke drops on Melb and I'm in some miracle bunker, I want my car/bike to be covered... I mean how else am I gonna get a madmax style vehicle going? :?
  3. I know most policies cover 'damage by rodents', ie. rats chew through the wiring in your BMW and it's a write-off [as happened to a lady I used to work with].

    But I wonder if that still covers GIANT rats enhanced by radiation from nuclear weapons? :eek:
  4. [​IMG]

    He he. Couldn't help myself. :grin:
  5. By scavenging from the holocaust strewn landscape, taking what you need to survive and thrive and build your empire. And then when you have an empire you will create a dome, and name it…
    The Thunderdome.
    Two go in, only One comes Out.
  6. If yer interested, I'll cover you for ""Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by, arising from, or connected with: the use, misuse or existence of nuclear weapons;" :)

    Just that and nothing else though. Cost you a thousand bux a year. Whaddaya say?

  7. ive noticed that on my insurance as well.

    can you imagine how freakin thorough the lawyers must be for those organisation. imagine the meeting where they thought of that "have we thought of EVERYTHING???"
  8. I believe that's "Two man enter, one man leave" :cool:
  9. its like the warning labels found on various products

    Like on a chainsaw "warning do not attempt to stop saw with hands or genitals"
  10. I wouldn't worry too much - if your bike is destroyed because of a nuclear explosion then:

    a) You probably won't be around to claim; and
    b) The insurers probably won't be around to pay out on it. :p
  11. Well that is how I was taught to stop my chainsaw.

    Freakin' namby pamby nanny state...
  12. Isn't that an under used race track beside the Calder Freeway on Melbourne's North Western outskirts :wink:
  13. Hehe, actually it's almost NON used. Sad really. I was there for rider training and the place feels spooky.

    Back on the OP's topic tho: I wonder if any insurance companies offer 'non-insurance' insurance... where your insurance company refuses to pay out for any reason? Surely SOMEONE would have to be all over that wouldn't they??? :?:
  14. What's the difference between use and misuse of nuclear weapons?
  15. Well my guess would be ..
    'use' = Uncle Sam .. Well goooolley Sargent are we going to "nuke" those innocent aoossys?

    Misuse = 'holey shiet cleadis I done tell you not to touch that red button'

  16. Haven't you heard? There are no WMD's.
  17. Funny.
    I like it!
  18. * "Allahu Akbar" ?
  19. Two go in, only One comes Out.[/quote]

    I believe that's "Two man enter, one man leave" :cool:[/quote]

    dont know....depends on what version u watching...."MAD MAX PENETRATION - return to the twin peaks rated XXX for pleasure not for STRAIGHT EDGE

  20. BBZZZZZZZZ !!!! WRONG !!!

    Lawyers, real estate agents, and insurance salespeople will be right there along side the cockroach in surviving a nuclear holocaust *

    * if offended ... err .... swap occupations as req'd