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Where can I get a rounder helmet? Vic CBD

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by s050399b, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Where can I get a rounder helmet? Vic CBD


    Went to Elizabeth Street, and no shops had the right size helmet for me; too smallish at XXL!

    All of them are selling helmets for OVAL shaped heads! I'm a bit of a reverse egg or round shape?

    So question is: where can I get not so oval shaped helmets?

    Oh yeah, full face too~
  2. oh, i think it does like url links,
    head shapes, google key word this: Motorcycle Helmet FAQ
  3. Hollow out a bowling ball?
  4. Have a look at helmets in the Arai range....good selection of all shapes and sizes with custom foam inserts to get an exact fit.
  5. Which shop in the CBD sells Arai range extensively?
  6. Peter Stevens sell Arai. The Vector is the roundest of them all and the new Corsair is a mild oval shape. The Vector comes in XXXL in limited colours. I think the importer is Cassons.
  7. how much does it cost?

    I went to Peter Stevens, and clearance one, and the one in Elizabeth. Tried up to the $500 dollar one and couldn't get to fit.

    XXXL? hmmmm, they couldn't find a XXL for me.......

    I will try again and specifically asked for Arai Vector.

  8. omg~ a quick google and it seems that arai vector cost around $650? Is there something in the $250 range?
  9. Can you post up a picture of yourself? I want to see how big you head is.
  10. hmmmmm, what kind of question is that?! hahahaha

    I had a Harvey Biker with me that day, and he is complaining how hard it is to get helmet for my head!!!

    it's not really BIG, I meant I have fit into a XL helmet when I was doing my Ls. But the XXL helmets in the shops are more of a ovalish shape~
  11. Try an Aria helmet. I find all the other brands feel very round and sit on top of your head. Aria's seem to fit nicer. There not cheap but well worth the money. Peter Stevens in the city have every size of Aria in stock on the shelf. There's a guy called Dave who works in the upstairs section, he's a good guy and wont mess you about.

  12. hmmmm, I'll try it again~
  13. Also try as many different brands as you can, they are all slightly different in shape & design.
  14. Any sports shop. Usually they're sold as cricket helmets, but they should be just fine for rounders.
  15. I tried on about 13 helmets in the store before my ears got really sore and my hair got really messy. Ended up sticking with a ~$600 Arai.
    Don't crash, drop it or store it in a silly manner and it will last you a while to justify spending that much.
  16. I'm sorry...


    ok, so not really.
  17. second request, pic of freakishly large head pls.

    try a zeus, round internal shape, largest sizes are enormous, much cheaper than most.
    they don't compare to arai though, but then nothing does.
    that's the downside of trying on arai in store, everything else feels crap after
  18. Hey! Monkeyman. I have standards and they're very, very low. No matter how big her head is, I'd still shag your avatar.
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