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Where can i get a custom made leather patch... Ideas??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nightriderz, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Hey jsut wondering if anyone new where i can get like a custom made leather patch to stitch onto my bike jacket. Like i have a computerised graphic of waht i want the patch to look like.. So yeah if anyone knows of a place that does this kind of thing.. please let me know..


  2. Plenty of small businesses in America who make leather gear and patches/badges for riders would do it.
    And be a lot cheaper too I think.

    Just type leather bike patches into a search engine.

    You could try typing in the same with Australia at the end to see what results that gives you, and then compare quotes with companies in the USA.
  3. cheers mate.. oh and by the way.. still havent attempted starting bike yet.. cuase still charging battery.. leaving it over night.. then give it a go tomorrow.. ill keep ya posted..
  4. Try google with "Embroidery sydney" you get a few sites.

    I have had shirts and caps made up for my old race team ,once you have the design on a disc or computer ,it was $100 for it to be loged into there machines system , then you can pick jackets ,jumpers ect out later and just pay for the logo to be put on.
    The caps with logo was $40 ,and polo shirts with logo $25 ,that should give you a price to start with ,i only had 6 items made so if you get more it's cheaper.
    And some of the smaller companys ,you can only have 4 colours , more clours more$$$$$.
    If you having trouble finding a cheaper place ask your local laundry mat ,they should know of local embrioders.
  5. Sleddog.. do you remember the company you used??
  6. Most embrodiry companies won't sew on leather, they will only make patches and sell you the patch.

    You need a specialist to sew on leather garments.

    Especially tough leather such as our jackets have.
  7. heard you can also use some sort of hot glue to attach patches logo's to your jacket..