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where can i get a cheaper shark tinted visor?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. the shops around me sell them for $70-$80 which is so expensive considering its just a visor.

    couldnt really find anything online either


  2. I paid $50 for one at Peter Stevens.
    Actually, It may have been $60 come to think of it.
  3. cheapest I've found on line was $76.95 for an iridium one.
  4. I pick up regular tint visors at Metro Honda for $50, but thats a bit far away :p
  5. no one knows any online sources? as i doubt the cops will mind if it doesnt have the aus standards sticker as the helmet itself has one
  6. dood, call metro, give them your CC details and have them post one out to you. Ask for Brian or John, tell them Netrider referred you and all will be good in your world.

    Or, ask BikeBiz, they are a site vendor, they should be able to help you.

  7. Sydney city motorcycles in Kogarah sold me mine for $50 (plain dark tint).
    What I've noticed about my tinted shark visor, is that its not coated in anti-fog stuff, also, it has no UV protection. If you're facing the sun when riding, you'll still get suburnt!
    So if were doing it again, I'd maybe buy another proper clear visor, and then try get it laminated with some proper UV blocking tint film.

    edit: it was sydney city mc, not procycles!
  8. would the irridium be UV protected? or is there a tinted one with UV protection?
  9. UV protection?? Shit next you'll want it to self moisturise your skin as you ride. :D

    If you must, wear sunscreen. Easier, cheaper & makes more sense than buying a visor and then tinting it.
  10. No idea.
    The tinted ones seem to be an inferior product though, no Aus Standards sticker on them, also mine specifically says "warning! not warrantied shatterproof".

    Meh, I just dont like getting suburnt, and putting on sunscreen just adds another thing to list of stuff you have to put on before going for a ride. (Currently I let myself get burnt anyway because Im lazy).
  11. lol i realised. i called procycles and they sold it for $90!

    so iridium visors have the aus standard sticker on it? i can get one for $80 on ebay, but would i view everything in the colour of the visor? eg blue visor = blue world? what about silver visors?

    also UV protection is very important to protect your eyes. That's why its recommended people wear UV protected sun glasses whenever out in the sun
  12. Tinted visors are generally illegal for street use - most people don't know this. Also, using a helmet/visors bought from overseas still requires the Australian Standards stickers. I know that even though it's the same helmet, just from elsewhere means that it meets the same standards, but you still require that bugger of a sticker.
  13. If you are struggling to find one at a decent rate, call the shops and ask them to mail one out to you.
  14. kogarah sydney city motorcycles are selling for $90 as well, so i just bought one from MCAS for $80

    its $40 overseas but add in shipping its not worth it
  15. important tip for new riders: when buying a new helmet always get them to bundle a tinted visor in with the price.

    when they wanted $130 for one for the soumy i nearly hit the roof. found one for $70 in the end but jeez they can get expensive and sometimes hard to find for non-common helmets.

    usually you can get helmet + visor for the helmet rrp easy enough
  16. thats a good tip!