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Where can I get a camera mount ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. hey guys

    is there a camera mount setup I can purchase in Australia ?

    I have a high definition handy cam that I would like to somehow hook up to my bike and take videos when I ride ...

    anyone has done something similar ?

  2. ffs. give google a crack. its not rocket science :)
  3. There are a few different types of mounts avail. Handlebar/Tank mounts etc.
    I made my own, however try Ebay, I've come across a few there.
    Where are you thinking of mounting it?
  4. Starider have one that mounts on your fuel cap.
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  6. For tankmount i'll go with Starider, one you saw on eBay.

    For other location, I'll look up http://www.ram-mount.com.au

    and look in their Bike/ATV range.

    I usually mount my camera on my pillion facing backward to record mates riding behind me, looked pretty cool. http://www.vimeo.com/1829340
  7. i made a tank mounted one for about $4 worth of parts.

    link to where i got the idea from

    those bolt sizes are in Seppo, mind you. the 10/32 bolt is used to replace a 5mm bolt which is the correct size. go to a proper nut and bolt store, not bunnings whorehouse, for the nuts and bolts. bunnings, the clown walked around for about 20 mins with me in tow to give me the WRONG stuff. it took me 5 mins at a nut and bole store to get exactly what was pictured.

    for the metal bit that connects the tank bolt to the camera bolt, you could use anything really. i got a length of angle bracket sorta like this one, but shorter and with circular holes. i cut off 2 holes worth, smashed it flat (folding in half) with a hammer and then drilled holes to size

    As soon as i get it working right (atm, it isnt high enough to see over my instrument panel, so i need to get a longer camera bolt) i will post a thread showing exactly what i used.

  8. i use one from sports bike cam

    has more adjustments, but you do pay for it
  9. +1 to Ram Mounts.
  10. thanks guys!

    the sportbikecame has some really good products but damn expensive!

    will explore few other options including self made ... btw do the vibrations of the bike itself have any damaging effect on the camera at all ?
  11. nah vibes are ok with DVC and HDD cameras, but no good with dvd cameras, you can also get the little pod cameras that take a memory stick and can basically be strapped on anywhere, can't remember who make them though, but they are designed for xtreme sports
  12. Run a search, I made a thread about how to make your own camera mount.
  13. ATC3K on eBay, it has 4GB SD card capacity.
    Mine is the superceded model: ATC2K with 2GB, 1hr recording.

    From local company in Sydney:

    Ive seen Vholdr camera ads in mags few times:
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    Heres a tank mount system that Ive had since 2000. Here its got bolts that come through from underneath but that causes too much vibration and the tape skips. The best way is to foam mount and duct tape it to the tank and the old school tape camcorders are supposedly better than the new hard drive jobs. Ive got a Sony DCR-PC5E.



    Heres Warwick Nowland at Nurburg in 2001 Endurance WC videoed with my camera.