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Where can I find an accupuncturist??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by katcando, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Im looking for a qualified accupuncturist somewhere my side of melbourne. Ill go right into the city if I have to but I didnt want to go as far as Geelong!

    anyone got any suggestions and what have your experiences been?

  2. try yellowpages.com.au
  3. I tried that....It comes up with chriopractors

    i dun wan onea those
  4. i dunno if that's something you wanna do man, i mean, look what they did to me :cry:


    cheers :cool:
  5. Sit in a quiet dark room, cross-legged. Close your eyes and meditate on this question. If the local acupuncturist is any good, he'll find YOU.
  6. You could call one of the MBF/Medibank/lets take all your money and give you nothing/ Funds and ask?? My GP does it, but we're in Qld...
  7. <Plug>

    If you're willing to come to Melbourne, RMIT university in bundoora has a teaching clinic thats open weekdays. Final year students in Chinese Medicine will treat you with normally 2 lecturers overseeing the diagnosis and treatment.

    Cheap too :grin:

    And you don't have to worry, I'm not treating yet :p

  8. There's one in Mitcham (was recommended to me) or there are plenty around in Clayton area with Monash Uni and the medical centre there.
  9. I think my parents have used the guy in Mitcham on Whitehorse Rd. They don't have anything negative to say except that the treatments are usually ongoing and the fees aren't exactly cheap.

    My folks are travelling so won't be able to grab a number for you until about 2 weeks time.
  10. i'm seeing an accupuncturist by the name of Alice Gao in Balwyn. She's terrific 9816 3268

    for closer to home, perhaps PM little_miss_cowgirl who lives out your way and is likely to know quite a few people in the 'alternative healing space' in the local community.

  11. I know someone who has a clinic in Highton and they perform acupuncture as well as other natural Chinese remedies/medicines etc. Everyone there is qualified and have experience (that was the first question I asked lol)

    If you like I can get the contact details for you.


    BTW I haven't had it done myself (yet), I'm working up to it lol.
    I forgot you have to have 20 posts to be able to pm someone, so here's the link to their contact details: