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Where can I find a custom tail-tidy/pillion seat cover?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by LGMLab, May 28, 2006.

  1. Hey All, today I was eyeing over my bike and wondering how I could reduce the look of the tail end of the bike further. I am already in the process of having an eliminator made up to get ride of the eye-sore plastic fender under the rear of my bike - but I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction of an engineering company who could possibly make me a tail tidy so that I can get rid of the pillion seat and make my bike look more appealing and aerodynamic. Cheers :)

  2. It might help if you could mention what sort of bike you have... :wink:
  3. GT250R Hyosung. Hence wishing to find a custom manufacturer..
  4. Yeah, I'm interested in this too. Word up please folks, I'm sure some of you know some fabricators out there.
  5. From what I have heard, tail tidy's are easy to come by, bike shop here (parra, sydney) sells them. A while ago I got boned from behind and couldnt get the fender as there was a backlog. I rung up the importer and talked to a bloke in the spares department about this and during our chat he made mention that someone in melb is making up the rear cowling for the pillion seat. I assume it would be available now as this was quite a few months ago.

    Goto the spares department from where you bought it, ask them about it and if they dont know get them to ring P.S. Imports (from memory) and talk to someone in spares. Alternatively do it yourself. But as I said this was near 5mths ago, and whether or not the people trying to make the part ever followed thru is a different story.