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Where can I donate electronics in Sydney?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Simon Lockington, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Gidday guys,
    I'm moving house so am taking the opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff I don't use any more.

    Things like VCR's, DVD players, CD players, mini laptop and home theatre speakers etc.

    I took them to St Vincent de Paul thinking they'd like them but it turns out they can't take these things, nor does it seem that any of the other known charities.

    These things are too good to throw away, but if it all gets too hard I'll do that.

    Anyone know who I could give these to?

  2. Either on here - post them up and there'll definitely be people willing to take them on board.

    Otherwise, if you want it to go to the needy... perhaps the toy runs?

    An amazing pressie for a kid at christmas. Just make sure all info (comp etc) are deleted first.
  3. How about your local school ?
  4. Just leave your front door unlocked. Problem solved :D.
  5. got pics of the stuff and do they all work?
  6. I got a Sony widescreen TV (CRT, analogue...) that'd be PERFECT for the local kindy to watch Bob the Builder on - thanks for the idea!
  7. Call the council and organise a hard rubbish pick up.

    Leave it on the footpath overnight... and poof its gone... before the council can even get to it :)
  8. Donate it to the nature strip in front of your house which is also known as the bermuda triangle.

    Go back in your house, have a shower come back out and everything will be vanished. It happens to me every single time.
  9. On the way back from the shops I stopped in at the St Vincent de Paul in Brookvale and they said they'd take everything I had which was fantastic.

    In other news, there's a hard rubbish collection here tomorrow, those vultures you speak of Resmen are in action :). I dropped an old airbed on the nature trip and in the ten minutes it took me to walk back and get another armful it was gone :).

    Half an hour later the busted electronics were selectively picked from the pile too, hope he wasn't too disappointed that they don't work!

  10. Glad you managed to offload them.

    I swear some people must make a living off taking stuff from the front of peoples houses. I have left broken tv units, chairs, tables, washing machine, fridge etc and kid you not within an hour they are gone.

    After making a vegie patch in the backyard there was a long sheet of corrugated steel probably 5m by 1 m which was an eyesore and thought nobody would take it. I hammered away folded it in two left it on the nature strip and put a couple heavy rocks on it as it was windy. Came back home to find some guy in my driveway trying to fit it in to his car boot. He kept on apologising to me and I said no need as I put it there for anyone to take it then he told me he was going to make a roof out of it for his chicken coop. Somebodies trash/somebodies treasure.
  11. I absolutely hate it when people leave crap on the nature strip -- its an eyesore and what if it isn't taken for weeks on end -- makes the suburb look like a slum
  12. My area is full of vultures that scour nature strips for goodies.

    If it doesn't get picked up in a week (never happened yet) you either dump it properly (tip, donate) or free council hard rubbish collection
  13. I left a bunch of crap out for my last pick up.
    Stuff that worked i put a post it note on "WORKS!"
    Stuff that didnt had "BROKEN!"

    Some knob picked up the broken stuff late one evening... then the useless asshat brought it all back a few days after the pick up... so i had to hold onto it for another 3 months... ](*,).
    I so should have taken pictures of him dumping it there and just left it. Then when the cops come knocking i have all this evidence and numberplate photos.
    Damn why didnt i think of it then!
  14. i left a 3 piece lounge out the front of my place, was gone in 20 minutes, and i live on a no through road
  15. I left my bike outside my house and 20 mins later someone tried to knock it.
  16. i dropped 5 old kids pushbikes at the salvo's last weekend, went home to get something else, returned 5 minutes later and all but 1 hsad been knocked off