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Where can I buy SIDI in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dima, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Title says it all, where do you buy SIDI bots in Melbourne (South East preferably)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Mototivational-Motorcycle-Poster-078. amx usually has basic older versions for not much more than the cost of buying o/s.
    benefit being you don't have to wait for delivery.
    i think they had the sidi cobras last i was there. probably bought a container cheap.

    peter stevens will stock top shelf models, but won't be the latest styles/designs/tech and they will still charge a premium.
    likely 2-3 times the price of buying from the states or europe.
  3. Bikemart has a few models, the most of the ringwood stores. Vertigo, cobra, and few others.
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  4. Amx in keilor has the Vortice and the ST. A couple of others to. Was there last weekend to try them on. So I assume the other AMX has them to.

    Expensive though, checkout motorama.it if you ok with buying online you'll save some cash.
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  5. Different shops tend to have different models, but there's a lot to be saved by buying online.

    I have 3 pairs of Sidi boots, B2's, ST and Streetburner, I wouldn't wear anything else. With mine, the sizing is consistent across the different models so once you figure out your size you can just order the model you want.
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  6. My size is normally 42 euro, but sidi 44 fitted me best. Does it sound familiar?
    Why would you not wear any others? Just that good, comfy, protective?
  7. A1 in brighton/ringwood
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  8. Strange, I wear 44 in everything, including Sidi.

    The main reason is just that they fit my feet perfectly, I even wear Sidi shoes when mountain biking as well.
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  9. My Sidi Apex boots are great, but are quite loose around the ankle so that I need to wear two pairs of socks and roll their tops down just to tighten the ankle area.
  10. Bought my Sidi Fusion boots at AMX for $250. Probably a little more expensive than online. Next time I'll order on the net, as I know the right size now.
  11. Went to A1 got my size for sidi cobras. $212 bucks at motostorm.it if anyone is looking for cheap boots. ($50 bucks shipping, but I was ordering a few things.)
    I'm normally a 10-11 (44ish) and they fitted true to size :/ My feet are quite narrowish tho I've noticed, so that could have be your issue.

    I'll post a review soonish, in the section.

  12. I'm thinking about buying a pair of Apex.. How bad is the ankle roll?
  13. I am ashamed to admit I ended up buying my Sidi Adventure Goretex boots online, the $200 difference was just too much temptation. They are a tight fit being 42 when I would normally wear a 43, but I prefer a firm fit on the bike and because of the Goretex liner only wear thin socks.
    Excellent boot.
  14. Bought vortice online too. Price diff is just too big.

    I normally wear 42, but had to go to 44. They fit perfectly, maybe slightly on a larger side.
  15. Without any doubt I still have a right foot thanks to my last pair of Sidi Vortice boots...I also wore a 45 in Sidi instead of my usual 44 in shoes.