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Where can i buy a Yamaha SR400?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by duffin43, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    im looking to pick one of these sr400's to customise but having a hard time trying to find a second hand one. I know you can get them new but im after a cheap one. Anyone know where you can pick these up from?

  2. This question has been asked and answered before (and recently, too).

    Either Just Bikes or Motorcycle Trader list at least 2 importers who are selling these bikes cheaply. That's around $5 each for a good read.

    How much is cheap: $4,000?


    Trevor G
  3. I'm not sure if those importers are importing registerable ones.

    Everytime i log into the netrider it seems there's another person after a SR400 or 500. They are becoming very thin on the ground, and will get scacer and scacer after LAMS Comes in.

    How cheap is cheap mate?
  4. Surely not...racing ones?? ;-)

    How did you check...did you phone them?


  5. One of the guys in the SR500 club did.

    And yep, people race SR's. You'd be surprised!
  6. Race 400s?

    Anyway, you probably don't know who "the guy" phoned, but I just phoned Eureka and they have stock which is complied for QLD And NSW.

    Looks like VIC misses out. But there are others who do them, and the OP is from Sinney...

    And compliance evidently can be achieved in VIC as required - just costs extra from someone who can do it.



    PS A little fact always supercedes a lot of hearsay, I reckon. ;-)

    PPS Does it matter if it's SRX rather than SR? They both have their own style...
  7. Haha, there you go!

    The guy i spoke to was from the VIC chapter, so that makes sense.

    The japs race 400's, but there was two or three 500's in post classic last year in NSW. Pretty heavily worked... and a 400 wouldn't be that bad a starting point actually. Better engine lubrication and some other stuff, i hear.

    And only the crank size makes it a 400 :wink:
  8. What are the main differences, apart from styling and frame? design, between SR and SRX? Anything major?


  9. It handles well :grin:

    I dunno, i haven't really seen one up close. Just looking at a pic, looks like just about everything is? The engine puts out more HP too. I'm not an expert in SR's (certainly when compared to some other blokes out there) and know even less about the SRX's.
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  11. 8k with under 1000k's ain't too bad.

    Unless you're an alcoholic with prostrate cancer :grin:

    Knowing what i know now, I wouldn't buy one from Deus.
  12. I suspect a 400 would do the sporty thing better than the 500, in some ways. The 500 single does feel a bit laboured at speed compared even to a 250 single, in my experience - perhaps it's just such a big bit of metal to throw up and down - so a 400 might be a better medium. Certainly QuarterWit that's how your bike felt to me : much happier to rev! Of course my experience is limited, but I assume my 500 is similar to others', who also make the comment that it isn't that happy on the highway - I'm going to need a throttle lock if I'm not to do myself harm on the next highway tour. How did you go on your long country runs?

    It's great this bike is rising in popularity. It's certainly deserved! Duffin, if you're open to a 500 also, you should find one within a month of looking, though you do have to have patience. Try posting an ad on the SR500 Club and Forum. $3000 to $4000 will get you a good one. I paid $3000 and have certainly not regretted taking the gamble on this unique bike.

  13. MattB is really a man in love with his bike. Great to see it's still looking good! Fantastic stock looking SR, with a few nice changes.

    Matt, the 400 was... interesting in retrospect. Looking back on it, and having done the Sydney to Melbourne thing in one day on a car i'd say mine is really not a highway bike at all. My arse hurt a bit and my neck was a bit sore, but i got over it a day or two later.

    And it's funny... people here keep rambling about how you can't do long distances on unfaired bikes, let alone smallish capacity singles. Pfft, yeah, righto. You might want to borrow my fuel tank for the trip though mate!

    You could be right about the revving thing Matt... but I dunno. There's no substitute for cc's eh? Methinks with a big carb*, and a much better exhaust which i'm getting this weekend, it should go like stink, but be easier to ride than the 500.

    You can pretty much shift anywhere on a 400 and get away with it. In my limited experience with the 500 you have to work a bit harder to keep it in the best RPM.
  14. Any chance you could elaborate?
  15. Well, normally i wouldn't on a public forum but...

    Marlon was sold the bike unregistered, and with the RTA having no knowledge of the bike being in the country. Three weeks after the temporary rego expired, many threatening phone calls and buck passing between Action and Deus the bike was registered... albeit after discovering Deus sold him the wrong one (according to the receipt).

    Still, that was one issue. The worst one, which continues to this day is the fact he was sold the bike with only one key, and no master key. So... lose that and the bike is fcuked. Despite plenty of phone calls they have failed to do anything about it. I found out why the other day - a replacement ignition unit and box costs over $1000 AUD.

    Funnily enough, the guys at Vanem are actually doing more to fix the problem than Deus ever did.

    In my opinion, tread warily with any business that is attached to Action - and that makes Deus. The sloppy, shitty, underhanded tactics they are well known for transfer over easily to Deus. Glad to hear they aren't trying anything to live the Action Motorcycles name down.
  16. Thanks very much for your info guys! Much appreciated.

  17. I have found only two places in Sydney that sell Yamaha SR400's
    The obvious is Deus and another is Scotts Motorcycles at

    2 Princes Hwy Kogarah

    Ph: (02) 9587 0022

    Great service too

    Keep in mind though that Scotts sell early model SR's that may have higher K's on the clock. But having said this one thing to look at when buying an SR is not to much how many K's are on the clock, but the overall condition of the motor. These things last forever if looked after...