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Where are your pants meant to sit?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by p_stampy, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Ok yesterday, when i got my jacket and so on from the shop, the guy kept insisting that i buy pants... I tried on draggins, other ones with armour, and leathers with armour.

    the armoured sort, well.. the knee pads were like shin pads, obviusly offering No protection to my knees and would probably do more bad then good if worn like that.

    as for the draggins, first tried on ladies jeans.. although they fitted I guess, i just really didnt like the whole clinging/tapering leg thing. And the fact that the waste is so high that it made me feel like a grandma also didnt help. I tried on some guys cargo draggin's which were a bit better, but the waist was up at my ribs.

    the leather pants & the other ones with armour were also at my ribs.

    Ok I admit I am used to wearing hipsters or low rise pants, but are bike pants seriously meant to be around my second bottom rib?

    I know it doenst' really matter what i look like when im riding, as long as im protected, but wearing these clothes yesterday felt uncomfotable..

    They didnt have any ladies cargo draggins in my size, so im not sure if they'd be any good...

    Does anyone else have this problem? or is it all juts in my mind? :twisted:
  2. When you've been riding for three hours and your kidneys are freezing because your trousers don't come up far enough to cover the gap between them and your jacket, then you'll know why function beats form for riding gear!!
    Trust me, go with trousers that come up above the bottom of your jacket in the seated riding position; your lower back and your kidneys will love you for it.
  3. When you say the armour is on the shins is it just below the knees? or on the shins proper?
    Armour that sits just below the knees will be like that so you can bend your legs.
    If you straighten up and the armour sits on the knees then it sits properly.
    If not then the pants need adjustment for your size.
    Every person is different and pants/jackets are generically made for the "average" person.
    Custom made, though more expensive may be the way to go.
    Have a look at them as they offer a netrider discount as far as I can remember.
  4. I second what Paul says.

    :D :D
  5. Ah good stuff, thanks..

    After I wrote all that I have found some other things that look to be a bit better.

    As for the knee pads... some were Just below the knee cap, and i think the leathers were a bit further down still. I do have pretty short legs unfortuntly :(

    I just put on my jacket, with my lowest rise pants, and there is hardly a gap at all (maybe 1cm?), which is when i lean over.

    I think Im just short.

    Ill continue the search though, thanks heaps for the replys
  6. Some leather pants have a zip at the top where you can zip them to the bottom of the jacket, I'd be pretty sure the Underdog ones that Smee mentioned would be like that.
    If you are, how we say, vertically challenged, then the knee pads will be below the knees when you are sitting down. Custom fitting would be the go; even though it's dearer, it's worth it
    With your Netrider discount, that would bring the price up to normal price for non-custom fit stuff.
  7. Gotta agree. Just like when you're shopping for normal clothes, you have to get the best fit.

    As smee says, you have to test the fit for how they will sit on you when you are in a riding position rather than when you're standing up. So the armour that's around your shins actually moves up to cover your knees when you're sitting down (or at least it should)

    Same principle applies to armour in your jacket.

    Paul's right about the trousers though. You have to have a good overlap of the jacket over the trousers when you're in the normal riding position.

    It might look "daggy" when you're off the bikes, but it's the ideal when you are riding.
  8. Yup.. With the jacket, as soon as I put it on I knew it was the one, everything just fit perfectly. Same with the gloves also.

    I'd rather take the time to find a comfortable pair, then somthing that will "just do", epsically at these prices!
  9. If you aren't a standard 'off the shelf' height/shape (I'm not) then you'll struggle to find off the shelf bike clothing that fits well.

    It may be worth getting some custom fitted gear made. Tiger Angel are very good (but pretty expensive), Walden Miller are good (medium priced), Underdog leathers seem good and have cheap pricing but there is only an adjustment service, not a custom fitting service.
  10. got some draggin cargo's today. They feel a bit weird, the waist being well .. at my waist.. ill get used to it
  11. You'll get used to them. Look at it this way, if you take all the skin and flesh off your lower back and hips, you'd reconsider wearing hipsters in general. Enjoying the bike with protection lets you continue enjoying fashion off the bike. :D
  12. Good to see you've got pants......definately a good move to protect your legs as much as possible (some of us had to find out the hard way). Draggins jeans are a good starting point but a set of leather pants or cordura pants are a much better option for providing a higher level of protection.

    Any gap between jacket and pants is easily found by wind and rain. So overlap is your friend especially in bad or cold weather and while you are sliding down the road.
  13. Leather pants come up a lot higher than regular pants - I think mine are around my belly button, so they can zip into the jacket.

    My Draggins however sit just over my hips, and fit reasonably well. They're comfortable enough that I wear them everyday to work - so I guess it's just a matter of finding the right fit. Hipster style ones wouldn't do you much good - if you come off and slide, you'll lose your hips as the pants slide down and/or your jacket slides up.

    Just ask Koma. ;)
  14. Yes, but if you'd read my previous stuff, Ive said that they are no where near fitting, not so much around the top, but the fact that the knee things are probably closer to my ankles then anyway.

    Ill make sure I pass my L's before I go and buy super expensive things.
  15. Lucky you then. I tried to ride with them yesterday and i kept getting caught on the pegs cos they were too long, and then getting on the bike, even tho they're sitting way high, there is still kinda low in the crotch thing and it just shitted me. And they are girls ones.

    Ive found that pants that have been (like normal every day pants) labelled as hipters arn't always that low on me. I just need to grow perhaps.. that'd make me happy.

  16. You will be happy with the draggins P_stampy..l remember buying mine and thinking how daggy they looked, but after my second ride and coming off on a bend at 80-90 klms lm so glad l bought them...they saved me from loosing bark off my knees thats for sure.

    I have since bought myself a pair of Alpine starts leather cat pants which are not all that high waisted which would most probably suit you and are a casaul look so you could wear them anywhere.

    But best of luck with your L's Stampy :D
  17. Yeh I think ive only seen pics of them adn they didnt look too bad, but you never know until you see them in real.

    Thanks - only 2 weeks to go :)
  18. Yeah thanks dude... can i help if i'm not the 'typical' Aussie build. :p
    Tall & skinny as bugger aint easy to buy for.

    My advice for anyone who's looking to buy Draggins and can't find a perfect fit - wear a belt and do it up as tight as you can whilst being comfortable. Whilst i was wearing a belt it unfortunately kinda stretched enough to leave my hip exposed. Nothing quite like a little road luge in the afternoon. ;)

    Oh, and P_Stampy... sorry to dissapoint. ;)
  19. Yeh, might have to find a belt that might be more crah friendly, all my belts have metal bits on othe front that I cant imagine being too good to land on.

    And if there is a way to fall on your stomach off a bike, im sure i'll find out :)