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where are you from?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ckr83, May 3, 2006.

  1. hey all, just did a search but came up unlucky.
    as the title suggest, where is everyone from.
    ill start.
    live in Rockhampton, Queensland.
    :p cheers clint

  2. Wherever my wheels take me,no matter where you go,there you are!
    But Mitcham,eastern suburbs of Melbourne,Vic,sometimes.
  3. most people, have the area in there profile...... although i do believe 99% of the members have recently broken out of the looney house.... just read through some of the dribble they post :LOL:
  4. Nah they let me out on weekend leave :twisted:

    Sleep Mount Martha Mornington Peninsula
    Work CBD Melbourne
  5. Inner city Melbourne
  6. bacchus marsh,yes that in the outer west,nice apples
  7. CRAZYburn.... outter northern sub of melbourne
  8. scatter! he wont know who to chase :D

    south eastern sydney mate.
  9. Eastern suburbs Adelaide but working in the Northern Suburbs. :)
  10. You might wanna start by filling out your profile :wink:
  11. Will someone tell me how they got out then, I'm stuck here :oops: :LOL: :p
    <-<-<- that's where I am from?
  12. Latrobe Valley, country Vic.

    PS: I would come to visit you all in the nut house, but I doubt they would let me back out either :LOL:
  13. Australia :p

    Cheers :cool:
  14. Somewhere in the horseshoe nebula, (so the voices tell me).............
  15. im from a little village in the middle of da jungle, situated in Kenya :grin:
  16. yea... where the kinky binkies live!
  17. 3 cheers mate for getting it rite :wink: \:D/
  18. Ringwood :)
  19. y-singular, ies- plural. :wink: :)
  20. thats with the apostrophe after the s' isnt it or is that for plurals ownership...lol..gawd now ya got me doing hard questions..and I only do hard questions on fridays :p:p