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Where are you from??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Yo dudes of Netrider,

    Have I got a brilliant idea or what?

    Now, when we're rambling away on these forums about this and that it seems that more and more people are getting confused about whether the thread is talking about stuff going on in Sydney or Melbourne (or Adelaide, Brisvegas, hell anywhere).

    To combat this I propose to everyone that before your next post you go into your Profile and actually put down where you live. City and a State would prolly do.

    Can I also suggest that we all start checking where peeps are from before posting replies so that we can all make just a little more sense out of this confusing old world of ours..

    Anyhoo, that's just what I think anyway... :D
  2. was just thinking the same thing
  3. Well said pete....No good commenting about certain things and making suggestions or suppliers when the person is in another state.

    I also think first names as a signature would be a good idea also. When on rides you meet people by there netrider name or they tell you what it is and within 5min, what was that persons name.
  4. Yeah good idea also Steve... Sometimes feels abit funny referring to someone as some weird name in a post.
  5. I'll be in that

    <----- location is over here somewhere

    First name down here somewhere
    Jim (JJ)
  6. Re: Where are you from?? (VIC, Dandenong Ranges)

    to make it easier for the geographically challenged,
    how about also using a standardised format?

    say with the State/Territory First,
    followed by the Locality,

    ACT, Farrer
    ACT, The Lodge
    NSW, Sydney
    NSW, Yennora
    NT, Darwin
    NT, Winnellie
    QLD, BrisVegas
    QLD, Underwood
    SA, Adelaide
    SA, Blair Athol
    TAS, Georgetown
    TAS, Hobart
    VIC, Gippsland
    VIC, Western Suburbs
    WA, Cannington
    WA, Perth
  7. Done and done!!

    [Damn that "message to short" nonsense!]
  8. reply

    Hey Carver

    We in Gippsland are in Gippsland which unfortunately has as its capital Melbourne.
    Now it is not that we dont associate with them, :? far from it, :oops: but we do wish to differentiate out location so that no one confuses that mob of city slickers with us country folk. :D (This will of course get Mouth going and we expect some sort of derogitory reply - what else could we expect. We, as usual will just gently shake our heads and forgive our trespassers. :LOL: :LOL: )

    Seriously, it might be a good idea for areas to show. e.g. Gipps - Vic or vice versa.


    (Over to you now Mouth) :roll:
  9. Re: reply

    Thanks for sticking up for us country folk Brian :roll:

    I just gotta work out where the hell i am
  10. Even though l already had my suburb in there already, lve added my name also.

    Great idea :D
  11. I had to think what my name was, even my wife calls me Nobby..

    Don't ask :shock: :shock: :shock:
  12. Now your just showing off!!
  13. So where are you from Jeffrey???...ahhhh Narre Warren :LOL:
  14. Bugger, I knew it... I new somebody would call me Jeffrey......can you sue your parents for the name they gave ya??
  15. l love my name.....could of been worse...like winifred or gertrude...gods l hope there is no one here by that name...sorry if there is
  16. Jeffery, your'e not far from me, you made a big mistake typing that in....
  17. It was a moment of weakness Steve, won't happen again.....
    but as Julie said it could be worse, I could have been a Dudley or a Bruce, a John or a Howard.....
  18. I have always had my location in there :D Me good girl

    Lisa :twisted:
  19. What you talkin about Willis!!!!!!....my husbands name is Bruce :x
  20. Just want to check if my Location is showing..