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Where are the younger riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grey342, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Hey guys and gal's

    Just wondering where all the younger riders are?

    I've been riding for just over a year now and am having a hard time finding anyone my own age. (19)

    This has nothing to do with rider ability/knowledge either.
    I just thought it'd be cool to have a couple friends my age so that we could share some wicked experiences and build up our skills on a similar level.

    So basically, come out you muggles show yourselves! ;D
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  2. We're here, just mingling in with the oldies (I'm 21) :p Wouldn't mind meeting a few others my own age as well, seeing as none of my current friends my age would be seen anywhere near a bike.

  3. Aww yeahhh, not alone! Same here though I've tried to get my best friend into them, ain't gonna happen :(
  4. A couple of my friends started riding in high school, so there are some young riders out there. I also wanted to ride but my parents wouldn't let me near a bike. Now, just after turning 20, they have come around to just accept the fact that i love 2 wheels LOL, they're still not happy about it though. There is also the issue of money and not a lot of young riders are able to afford a motorcycle.
  5. I'd say it's more of a culture thing than a money thing.
    I'm 26, so forums and IRC and shit like that are from my era, but most 19 year olds don't do forums. It's all about the Facebooks now. :p
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  6. Haha, Don't worry I started looking into bikes at late 16? maybe 17 and it took me the full year to convince my family to let me. But it was all right because after I got one, my dad did too. But lucky you got some fellas to go out with when you get a bike! or you could move to melb n help us start something up >.>

  7. Facebook gave me the Idea to post this thread now that I think about it haha. But you're right I don't know many friends who use forums :(
  8. Yeh, they laughed when i told them i joined a forum.

    Ive always wanted to get a bike. I used to sit for hours on bikesales dreaming about getting a bike.

    Yeh, its nice having friends to ride with, although it's very easy to get caught up in peer pressure :p
  9. I'm 23. Is that too old yet? hahaha.
    I think the more baffling thing is not the age bracket, but the fact that many people who own motorbikes don't actually ride them regularly.
    I'm always riding. So if you want to organise a meet, get in contact :)
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  10. Hi guys! I'm 20 now been riding since I was 19, so almost a year now. I love my bike but will hopefully be updating soon. Don't really have much more to say other than hey :)

  11. 23's fine, should probably find a cut off age or there about's! and you're right more people need to ride more often! and of course, hopefully a couple more people will reply and then if so I'll organise something or try too and get in contact with you all, have like a simple meet then the next time we can all go somewhere. Hopefully that sounds all right haha :D
  12. If I could go back I'd get a hornet over my vtr haha, anyways! If a few more people show themselves here and we can organise a meet, you keen? :D goes for everyone actually, more the merrier :D and hey. lol
  13. the more important question is where are all the girl riders
  14. They are all in the girl only section. Only the really brave ones come and play out here.
  15. Haha hardly anything gets posted there. Riding is a sausage fest, there aren't many women around who ride I have found. I've tried to talk some friends into it but no one is interested.
  16. Pity, I had this image that that part of the forum was were you arranged all of the jelly wrestling events.
  17. The riding demographic is heavily skewed away from young riders - given that the average age of the new learner rider is between 33 - 35 years old. In Victoria about 12,000 new riders take up riding each year, so the demographic is getting more skewed...

    As for facebook, it's just another form of forum.
  18. The average age of riders in my family is 32, but the average age of this forum's users in my family is 52. Not a statistically significant sample, but still...
  19. the average relevent age of maturaty is very young though
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  20. I was told if i have not grown up before the age of fifty, then i do not have to.