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Where are the twisties??

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by MystDmeanr, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. I wanna go for a ride thou a Mt road full of twistes, but i do not have a glue where to go,

    Iam lookin for places around the Sydne area, if you know of any places give us a yell.
  2. glue in sydne

    sounds kinky to me :)
  3. might depend on where you are starting from. If you are out west, head to Windsor and go up the Bells Line of Road towards Lithgow. You can go all the way to Lithgow or make a left towards Mt Victoria and then head back down the Great Western Highway to Penrith.

    If you want to go North, head to Hornsby and take the old Pacific Highway. It snakes around lots of bends following the freeway North and heading across the old Hawkesbury bridge. Watch out for cops, they love this place for catching bikes. If I do this, I normally come back via Wisemans Ferry and Dural. Great ride on the flats along the river once you head west off the Pacific Highway towards Wisemans Ferry

    If you are south, there is the Mecca of Sydney riding - the Royal National Park. Head south on the Princes Highway towards Waterfall and you will see big sign and a veer left to enter the park. Heaps of twisties and great scenery. Make a slight divert to the coast about 20km in to visit some great little towns before continuing through the park for about an hour. This spits you out near Austinmere where the new coast road takes you through to the Gong. From there I normally get on the freeway for a bit of speed(within the limit).
  4. just keep in mind that on the popular bit of the OPH, between mount white and brroklyn (i think) the speed limit has been lowered to 60km/h and this is being enforced by the police (moreso for bikes than cars from my observations).

    the ridiculous thing is that on the downhills, motorbikes are now practically being overtaken by cyclists and on the flats it's not uncommon for cars to tailgate and overtake in ridiculous situations across double white lines :?
  5. Thanks for the infor guys, the National parks sounds very interesting.

    And other than glue been very kinky, i wonder what if i put glue on my tyres, will it help me get thou the twisties better :p hehehe j/k

  6. Putty Road! Go the OPH turn left towards Mangrove, follow through wollombi to Broke, and zig zag to the end, turn left and you are on gods own motorcycle road. Seriously fun, rarely visited by our badge wearing friends, plenty of corners and just the odd terrorist wiv caravan. Bliss.
  7. i concur. just be wary of lemming corner :twisted:
  8. hmm there in ilse 3 in safeway :wink: umm what else do u wanna know about twisties? :LOL:
  9. My thoughts exactly, beat me to it, man!!!

    Watch out for the section of the RNP road south of the bridge and turn-off leading back to Waterfall; the surface is not being maintained well, there's usually lots of leaf litter and broken branches, and a couple of the 25kph corners MUST be respected!

    But the Putty would be my favourite, mainly because I cut my motorcycling teeth up there in the early 70s. It was a lot bumpier then, and the surface was bad, but the Ten Mile was (and still is) FUN :grin:
  10. Hume highway down to Bowral (see the"Don's" museum), through to Kangaroo Valley (nice pub) up to the Cambewarra mountain lookout, in to Nowra/Bomaderry/Berry(Donut van) and up the coast road to Gerringong (Fish and chips) up through the Sea cliff bridge and on to sunny Sydney.
    There is a couple of winding twisty bits in amongst it and it is not too bad if there are no roadworks or milk trucks. Not for crappy weather though. :shock: :grin: :)
  11. Variation, come down to Wollongong via the old Princes Highway, ride UP Macquarie Pass to Robertson, left down through Kangaroo Valley and then up Cambewarra and down again to Nowra, back up the Princes to Wollongong and then through to the new Sea Cliff bridge and home to Sydney via the Royal National Park. Avoid the Hume Highway like the plague!!
  12. Leave it to Kinky Binky...... I had to think for a minute as to what you meant...... twisties.... isle 3.... safeway.....

    :) good way to end the day with a laugh!!! :)