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Where are the touring stories??

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. I don't know if it's because a lot of us are just riding to work and back, or doing a few sprints on weekends/days off, but no-one seems to be doing long trips much these days. We had Rosie's big adventure a few months back, but not much else. Is no-one doing trips, or are they happening and folks are just not writing them up and posting pics etc??? I LOVE reading ride reports (and writing them too... :)).

  2. 4 of us went to Tassie for 10 days.

    I crashed on Day 3

    We all continued the ride

    We got home on day 11

    On day 12 I reported my claim to TAC

    On Day 24 they accepted my claim

    On day 30 I had my surgery

    I'd write more but only having one hand (left) when you are right handed makes it hard to type a ride report.
    The amount of drugs I am on, I doubt I'll remember enough to write a ride report anyway.

    Ah well, at least there was something worth going to Tassie for......Fleur :grin:
  3. Paul lots of people are still touring, they just are not here and posting here. Which I assume is your point. Its a demographic thing.

  4. Thanks for the precis report, Vic, you're excused because of extenuating circumstances :LOL:

    Yeah, Davo, it's not really a provocative post, but I can remember at least a couple of major ride reports every month going back a ways. I guess some people are more involved with touring-oriented forum life too....
  5. Paul its a shame that many of the regular posters here never get further than the often run loop. I do see some who have, you don't need (as you know) a full on tourer to get out and have fun over a weekend. I good 250 with back pack strapped to the rear seat will do if you have nothing better.

    To ride untraveled roads and stay overnight somewhere with a few mates is just the best. No need to be huge distances, a few hundred there, camp etc and home the next day can be sooo refreshing.

    Has anything ever been put together to tease these riders into action ? Pardon me if it has as I quite often just skim the topics here.
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  7. Here ya go Paul:

    Loaded the KTM 525 EXC into the trailer behind the Landcruiser. Drove north(ish) for an hour and a half, and parked the Landcruiser in a place called Toolangi State Park. (The end of Two Hills Rd to be exact). Unloaded the KTM from the trailer. Found that the battery was rooted, so I had to kickstart it. :evil: Forgot about the decompression lever, and nearly broke my ankle. :? Got it started, and followed the boys in the 4x4's because they had the maps. :roll: Rode down lots of tracks, found lots of rocks, gravel & mud. Scared myself a few times. :cool:

    Found a track going straight up a spur, and decided to have a bash at it. Bounced off lots of football sized rocks. The further I got up the hill, the bigger the rocks got. :eek: Laid the bike down for about the third time, and it wouldn't electric start again. I was too buggered to kickstart it again. Had a chat to the boys in the 4x4's and they said that the track was getting gnarly (not just my imagination), so I decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and roll started it back down the hill and headed back to camp. Drank lots of bourbon and went to sleep. :wink:


    Kick started the KTM again, as it had run out of sparks in the battery. Rode up hills, rode down hills, blasted along fire trails, went around lots of corners, spent a lot of time drifting it.

    Found another track going straight up a spur. Decided that I was just being soft on Friday, so had a red-hot go at the track. Not many rocks on this one, mainly red clay. It was only a little damp so the traction was good. I had to find the balance point between the front wheel coming up in the air, and having the rear wheel spinning (normally both at the same time :? ). About 2/3 of the way up, the rear wheel slipped sideways into a rut, I gave it a little too much right hand, and both me and the bike disappeared off the side of the track into the scrub. :oops: Did myself some hamstring injuries, which made dragging the bike back out onto the track "interesting".. The 4x4 boys made sure I wasn't dead, then laughed and kept driving. :roll: I actually felt more comfortable on the bike than I did standing, so I kept riding.

    Up and down more hills, round more corners, more firetrails, more singletrack, but no more oopsies. Drank lots of bourbon and went to sleep. :wink:


    Woke up in agony. I must be getting old. Played "Find the Easter eggs" with the kids of the 4x4 boys, and had another bourbon. :LOL: By this stage I'd decided that I was hurting too much to have another day on the dirt, so packed up my bit of camp (with help from others to load the KTM on the trailer, as I couldn't move it :oops: ), and took 2 hours to get home nice and gently. Had trouble operating the clutch in the Landcruiser. :oops:


    I hadn't lost as much of the dirtbiking technique as I thought I might have. :cool:

    I am older, slower, and not as flexible as I used to be. :oops:

    I am going to feel a lot more confident on the road when the tyres start to drift now. :cool:

    Attempting to get the knee down on dirt is a bad idea. :LOL:

    PS: No photos yet. I was having enough trouble hanging onto the bike, let alone take photos. When the 4x4 boys get home they may have pictures.
  8. Double-throw-down classic, macca, and I promise I won't complain about lack of stories again.

    {Never have done any dirt riding, after a pesky little brat in Denman offered me a ride on his farm bike and pointed out a route, which I foolishly followed. He found it hugely amusing when I went up over a 6-foot embankment and dropped myself and his bike into the dam!! :LOL:).
  9. O.K Paul, here's my condensed ride story:
    Rode down a big mountain fast, spent just over 24 hours with inlaws and fiancee, had big discussion about excessive parental control, rode back up really big mountain really fast, having fun all the way! Sun was shining, pipes were barking, carbs were howling, gears were whining, wind was whistling and all was good with the world!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Paul, soon as my clacker can handle more than a few hundred ks i'll be back doing some longer rides. And i've got some cool stuff coming up too... ;)
  11. Um, l put one up, didn't I? Touring section - TasTrek.

    Does that count?

  12. I get 2 weeks of hols a year, One is allocated for me and the bike, and one for the wife. So only one touring report a year from me.

    Unfortunately, that is the way of life - The rest of the year is spent earning money to pay the man!
  13. Ok, ok.. give us time! Lou and I are headed on a big trip south and I promise I will write a ride report when we get home :).. though I am sure people will post about our progress :)
  14. Hey Paul...a few of us went away on the wknd -Fri to Monday - to Alpine way..Murray River rd...Snowy Mtns etc etc (yep .. again! Can't get enough of it!) ... was a brilliant weekend with some brilliant netriders.. will post something up (and photos of Wally!!! ;) when I get a chance.

    But yeah - keep up the touring stories people! Good stuff!

  15. posted a video of my last week longer a few weeks ago - didn't get a single reply - what more do you want from me?!!!!
  16. stay tuned to the touring section paul..... 4 days flying by the seat of our pants....woooohooo what a hoot of a weekend
  17. Yeah I was away for 4 days camping over easter, just need to get settled into daily routine again :? before I can muster the mental challenge of typing a large report.

    it will happen very soon.

    I do generally post about my tours as Ive done quite a few now and Im getting bored with the 4 day tours as I only seem to be able to get to the same roads.....I need to get further away but it takes longer to get there and is often BORING. So Snowies , thredbo, jindabyne, kosiosko....GREAT ride......Camping in Tumbarumba-----Never again, i should have taken Lil cos I was freezing.
  18. Paul,
    I haven't done any touring on the hornet, or even on my old bike since the naracoorte trip in May 06, cause my BF and I could not get holidays at the same time of the year (stupid GMH).

    Now he's got a new job, we're looking forward to our trip to PI/melbourne in October, but I need to wait till he earns his holidays before we can start having regular touring rides.
  19. i've got a ride to syndey planned for next month ... to add that to list of possible road trips