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Where are the female riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Pobblebonk, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm sure there's probably already been a thread or two for the females on the forum [if you're out there] who aren't pillion passengers but actually ride their own bikes, but I couldn't find a recent one so apologies for creating a new one, mods.

    Just wondering who out there in Netrider land are the girls who ride?

    What do you ride?

    How long have you been riding for?

    What gear are you wearing?

    Where are you getting it from? [Asking because I'm having trouble finding stuff for me!]

    New Question: Do you have a nickhame for your bike?

    Hope I get some replies!
  2. When you find them let me know, coz Im trying to find one too :)
  3. [Ladies, stay away from the member called 'Snowman'. :p]

  4. There are no real females on the internet - everyone knows that.

    I pretend to be a girl now and then :D

    Ride a z750 - being naked is better!

    Riding for a while

    A* & Daniese

    Both sets of leathers and winter gloves from Peter Stevens, boots from 60 degrees, summer spidi gloves from Yam City
  5. so, how YOU doin? ;)

    Holster I really had no idea you were a girl lol.
  6. I am - I checked in the shower this morning and everything

    Proof (supers a while back & on my possible new ride a last week - looking pretty average):

    Attached Files:

  7. Welcome to the forums, Pobblebonk!

    I'm currently on a CBR600 and have been riding since mid last year. I got most of my gear online after trying stuff on in store first to check sizing, was a cheaper option. Hopefully catcha out on one of the Brissy rides. :D
  8. LOL Hi Holster! Thanks for replying!

    Nice bike! Would be too big for me though! I just bought a Sachs 150cc about a month ago - gotta start somewhere! :)

    I didn't have too much trouble finding a leather jacket. I managed to find someone who had XXS helmets. Still looking for pants. Having a LOT of trouble finding gloves. The XXSs don't fit me, and the only smaller ones they make are for motocross, so they've had to order me some in.
  9. My mrs is a rider. Rides a bigger bike then me too... 8-[
    At least... until i get my full licence in april :p.
  10. Hi PeskySheepy! Thanks for the welcome. :) I am eventually going to upgrade from the 150 but I have no idea what to, it was hard enough deciding what to buy for my first bike [happy 30th birthday me], I'm still so 'new' to it that the thought of riding something bigger is a bit daunting for me, particularly when they're usually always tall for me. I've been reading all the recommendations on bikes for the hobbit-sized people on the forums :)
  11. You'll be suprised what you can ride - I can only get my toes on the ground on my current bike & I've ridden bikes I can't touch the ground on at all, I'm not tall at all
  12. Hi Mr Messy. So she would be... Mrs Messy? :p Good on you for admitting she rides a bigger bike than you! =D>
  13. With their boyfriends / weighing too much / riding cruisers / well past 20, for the most part. Haha.

  14. Are you're saying I'm fat or old?

    i'm both
  15. Holster, you're not fat. So I beat you: I'm boyfriendless AND old.
  16. I'm not obese or anything - could lose 10 or so kg though.

    Talking Uni courses with my son makes me feel old :)

    And single too!


    3 out of 4 is not too bad! :p
  17. Hehehe a few places im registered as Mr Messy she is indeed registered as Mrs Messy :p but so far she just snoops under my account on here :D.
  18. well dont expect a date with Browny -- it will take him 12 months of internet consultation to ask you out :)
  19. If you want to lose weight I can recommend some appetite suppressant tablets that you can order online. Pretty cheap too. Msg me if interested.

  20. send me the details Resmen - I am back into the bodybuilding again

    hopefully I can get back to what I was