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where are all the police

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stanga169, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. did 3 laps of the dandenongs this arvo and i saw one divie van down in montrose , with the good weather and ,more bikes out , i was sure i would have seen more

  2. Given the weekend off to prepare for GP week at Phillip Island.

    Also, made the assumption that any petrol heads would be at home watching Bathurst. (Bit off the mark by the look of Kinglake yesterday).
  3. No Police and hardly any bikes up at marysville yesterday.

    One mobile speed camera back past healesville was it !
  4. They are definitely out in force in Ipswich QLD. Even coppers on bikes have their yellow raincoats on and are out and about.
  5. They were setup on Mountain Hwy right up the top near Sassafras on Saturday.
  6. I think that something's awry with the posting date. Either that or the OP or subsequent posters aren't sure which day it is.

    The OP posted today, Monday. Normally police aren't that busy around the bike areas during the week. In any case, as someone else has pointed out, the MotoGP is on this coming weekend, so they're all getting ready to "blitz" us.

    If the World Supers was anything to go by, I'd daresay that they'll be giving us buggery this weekend.

    Not that it'll make any difference to the road toll. Just that it'll piss us off even more.
  7. Was surprised not see one cop on the way to Marysville. to bad it was so congested. Got to get myself to the track
  8. 6 posts and no one has made a donut shop reference? what is Netrider coming to :LOL:
  9. I would say the cops are hanging out in areas with 50 klms limit for easy revenue raising.

  10. next week is bike blitz silly.
    i think this week is douse small children with capsicum spray blitz.
  11. yeah you can bet the place will be crawling with coppers next w/e........ stay home and get pissed in front of the tele I reckon

  12. Did Black & Reefton spur today & didn't see a single cop or get held up by any cars either. Great weather also makes for a brilliant day out on the bike.

  13. So all these posts, being monitored as they are by vicpol are just code for stay away?
  14. Did the Slide,Chum creek Black Spur, Reefton Spur, Two cops on bikes coming back through Wandin on the Warby Hwy, going the other Way 4-30 pm, We were discussing how long before they did a U turn and caught up to us to Harass us,
    Very Surprised they didnt,
    On their way to the Spurs to enjoy a ride with no one up there,
    Donuts in their fridgy boxes,
  15. It is a school day. Probably school 40 zones.
  16. In Sydney they seems to be out in force the past few weeks during peak "hour". They tended not to enforce at that time but lately there's been heaps around.
  17. Do they need to be out in force in sydney now that every 500 meters they are putting new "safety" cameras up?
  18. I think there was a theory once that governments force the cops out on the road before an election. Something about making people feel safe helps the incumbent.
  19. do you think the NSW government will win again by sending out Police in the streets, Dont think an army will save them
  20. the cameras dont get them enough revenue apparently + the state gov is bankrupt so they need to raise as much revenue as they can through taxing us on the roads that we already pay tax for as well as jacking up electricity costs by 300%

    it's not a police force it's a collection agency