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Where are all the mediocre riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. After going on several rides with this forum and especially after reading the Merimbula postings (yes I was one of those background readers) I am left wondering …
    Where are all the mediocre riders?

    Everyone here is either mad, a learner, or both!

    Does anyone know of a forum, in Melbourne, of riders who just like to go at a semi-legal pace without: pushing and egging smaller and smaller chicken strips; colder and colder icicle runs; longer and faster dashes to the coast; or riding in the rain to prove you love riding?
  2. Yes I am one of those riders, must be a pre-requisite for owning a Blackbird. :D :D
    Hope we catch up on a ride soon, plenty of good rides on this forum.
  3. putting hand up. Yep, thats me
  4. Check.


    Well not a learner, but still a restricted noob.
  5. I aspire to mediocrity.

    Maybe soon, on a good day...
  6. I know a coupla guys like that in Tas :p

    Ones an Old fart on an 04 Guzzi nevada, (called Grandpa guzzi by those with no respect.. ie ME!)
    Another is a skinny guy on an 04 Triumph Bonneville T100, dunno how he can hold the bike up, so skinny that if cracked a fat he'd feint from loss of blood :shock:

    The last guy is a real ugly fat bastard on a poor little black across. (ME!!)

    we're so mediocre it hurts!! Regularly set a low standard and struggle to attain that.

    Rarely go above 110, have a bit of fun on twisties if there's no traffic around (well, not grandpa guzzi so much), and try and keep the silly stuff for the occasional "ride day" at the track.

    Although I do ride rain, hail or shine, (and snow, and ice) cos it's my main form of transport, I much rather get a bit cold for 10-15 bucks a week than pay 100 bucks a fortnight for the bus.

  7. I am an official mediocre rider. I was even asked to write one of the chapters in the "Mediocre Rider's Handbook", but when I submitted it, the editor said it was too, you guessed it, mediocre!
    As Jon Anderson memorably said in one of his Jethro Tull songs I'm too young to die and too old to rock and roll!!
  8. Its past nine, so many will be alseep now.
    Me; I'm sleep posting. :LOL:
  9. I also am one of those riders. The CB doesn't even have enough width on the tread to leave chicken strips.

    My experience is that no rider is as good or as sensible as they make themselves out to be. It's a bit like "the older I get, the better I used to be". Just because people are happy with how far they lean and how fast they go doesn't mean they're nuts and just because they try to give good advice doesn't mean they always listen to themselves.

    By the way, noone rides in the rain just to prove they love it. It is however a bloody good idea to deliberatly do it from time to time to keep up the practice, as you never know when you'll be caught out. Better to do it on purpose than accidently get caught in it then come off, don't you think.
  10. I think you would be suprised, most people here are "regular" riders. Netrider is actually very newbie friendly; there are lots of learner rides run, dedicated slower rides, social rides, fast rides etc.

    If you can't find something you feel like doing, post your ride and invite people along. Set your ground rules and the pace and interested folks will come riding with you.

    It's not hard, and there's no set levels. With almost 2000 registered users on the boards I'm sure you'll find plenty of people who want to ride in a way that you feel comfortable with.
  11. mediocrity is for the mediocre.

    Chick'n strips are fatty.

    a semi-legal pace is not legal.

    riding in the rain to prove you love riding is stupid.

    Do it 'cos you love it...... Nothing else matters.
  12. RC36's hand goes up also. In my young, bold days, I pushed the envelope, now I am just content to be a letter. I have realised that you don't have to travel at 140km/h everywhere to have fun and I am content that there are thousands of riders who ride better than me.
  13. Thanks all - you make me laugh!
  14. Better to have mediocre skills and know it than to have mediocre brains and he-man balls.

    I'm decidedly mediocre but the more I learn the better it feels and the more fun I have. I'm down to about two of those "Jesus!" moments per twisties ride instead of spending all day brickin' myself.

    Anyway, I look at it this way; push yourself a bit now and then and you'll be that much more prepared when fate drops a surprise on you.

    But hey - don't ride according to any rules but your own. If you wanna take corners at those yellow "recommended speeds" it doesn't mean you won't be welcome on rides - you'll see more of the scenery and more saddle time, and the maniacs can dig in a bit harder knowing that there's a support vehicle in tow ready to spatula them off the road in the unlikely event... :)
  15. We will. I was the tail end gunner on the ride to C+-k & Beaver! :eek:
  16. zazen, you weren't REALLY expecting a sensible answer, were you, ON NETRIDER?? Why that's inimical to the whole operational philosophy!
    But Fixed is right; make a suggestion and see what comes up; that's how the Merimbula ride happened, and there was a big diversity of bikes and abilities there, but it was sure fun anyway.
  17. Me too. Not as fast as some, but faster than others = mediocrity. Yahhhhh

    Most OFARC's would be in that groove.

    Hey, why don't you start a sub-section for Mediocrites? Might get a few.

  18. (Pedant alert)

    You've mixed up your Ando's, I'm afraid.

    Jon Anderson was the lead singer of Yes (the chap with the castrati voice who snuggled up to Vangelis in his latter years).

    The bloke you're thinking of is Ian Anderson, the fellow with the beard and flute. Became a stinking rich fish farmer.
  19. Gromit, you are right, I thought it didn't look right when I wrote it.
    Anderson was interviewed by Rolling Stone after "Aqualung" and the guy said "How long do you expect the success of Jethro Tull to continue?" and he said "as long as I keep playing the flute and standing on one leg!"
  20. hornet600 .. No, not expecting a serious answer.

    I guess I was just feeling lonely 'cause I wasn't able/willing to go to Merrimbula.