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where are all the green '07 kawasaki zx6r's ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by synrgy, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. where are all the green '07 kawasaki zx6r's, im looking to buy one and cant see any in nsw on bikesales.

    Havent checked at the shops yet, but wouldnt they be selling the 08's by now ?

  2. maybe theyre such a hotshot bike, noone wants to sell theirs :cool:

    either that or noone bought one in the first place :shock:

    good luck on your hunt buddy
  3. Just wait for the 09 zx6r. Looks like a great toy
  4. Why bother?
  5. I've heard the 07/08 CBR 600RR's are great bikes.
  6. I rarely see any green 07 zx6's on the road. Only ever see one guy every few days going north on windsor road.

    In the flesh looks great.
  7. Yeh ive heard this too, but i prefer the look of the kawa's.

    Ill just have to play the waiting game until something shows up
  8. What do you suggest ?
  9. I like the Ninja 636 model. Looks a littler nice from the front :wink:
  10. $10 says a Honda. :LOL:
  11. im not really into the honda, will go for a gsxr if i cant find a green or red kwaka
  12. I would go the gixxer over the kawasaki and the honda over ALL
  13. I haven't ridden any of the 600 bikes, however I have sat on them all and looked them over carefully. Out of the Ninja, GSXR, and the CBR, the Honda is ahead in the build quality department. However they are all nice bikes, I wouldn't be disappointed with any of them.
  14. You win.
  15. i sat on all of the 08 or 09 models (whatever was out) at the sydney motorshow that just went by.

    the new kwaka was surprising nice to sit on. nice and roomy, slightly racy. the whole kit and kaboodle.

    i must say though that it does look kind of shit from the front (i dont like the vent / screen set up).

    im also a honda fan and agree with thingo that they have one of the highest build qualities out of the 600's. the r6 is excellently made too (if you have wrists of steel). the gixxer 600 didnt feel right to sit on. everything was in the right positions but it almost felt to plasticky. the triumph 675 just feels like the blokes in the shop decided they would jack up the seat and as a result is also a bit wristy.

    the kwaka was in there though, if i was buying new i wouldnt look past the zx6 (unless there was a cbr next to it :p )
  16. I have to agree with livingstonest, they are rare. A wee bit off topic but just a word of caution. My mate bought a ZX6r brand new, 2007 model, and his engine has had an incessant "ticking" problem almost since when he first bought it.

    Apparently it's a rare occurance for the 07 model, but it does happen. Best scenario: The ticking persists, but is mild though irritating. Fixable.

    Worst scenario: Engine failure, has to be replaced.

    My friend's taken his ZX6r to Kawasaki twice now because after the first time it was fixed, the ticking resumed. Horrible stuff. I could hear it when I'm next to him at a set of lights, with both i4 engines going :eek:

    Anyway good luck with the hunt! I love the 07 looks over the 08s and 9s :p