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Where are all cruiser accessories shops?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Ckramer, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Are there any shops with good selection of metric cruiser gear in Sydney area?
    All I can find is one-two saddlebags in shop here and there. No variety at all.

    So far I've been buying form cruisercustomizing.com mostly.

    But now I need to buy saddlebads and windshield.
    Buying these items online without tying on first is very risky.

    For windshield you may measure straight line from your nose and that will be tip of the windshield, but before that's still very approximate method. To get the right one you need to go to shop and try on the "measurement windshield" that has marks for every size so you can see exactly what your size is.

    For saddle bags, there are tons of bags in different sizes and unless you try one on you don't know if that will fit your bike. Also you need to find proper saddlebag rails that will work with saddlebag of your choice.
    These things are impossible when you're buying online.

    Any shops? anyone?
  2. Thats the reason I did not bother buying a screen, did not want to get caught with wrong size. As for bags, found the K-drive bags excellent as come with all fittings and easy on/off. As for shops carrying gear, have not found any in Melbourne that carry a range, guess large costs to have goods on display. Don't know about Sydney.
  3. Dont really think there is a big enough marketplace in Aust for that to happen.

    Bit of a bugger!.

    Only thing I have found is to hang out with as many people as possible that have the same bike as you - and see what they come up with!.
  4. Firstly get yourself some K Drive bags as previously recommended. You can buy them to suit your specific model, and they come with all the mounting hardware. They are by far the best saddlebag and simply clip on and off like pannier luggage. No having to sling them across underneath the seat. Just mount the brackets on your rear fender and then clip them on and off when you want them on your bike. You can lock them to the mounts as well.

    As for screens, most will have some degree of adjustability. Just don't buy the overpriced Yamaha ones, and make sure you get a quick release type (which I wish I'd purchased!).
  5. Where did you buy K-drive bags and for how much?
  6. +1 on the K-drive bags, I paid $650 recently.
  7. I got mine from my Yamaha dealer originally for about that price. They were completely replaced by insurance for the next model up in size after I was rear ended and the locking clip had a small piece break off it :LOL:
  8. Did the Great Ocean Road trip from Adelaide a couple of weeks ago, on my XVS1100 Custom, and found that tying my sleeping bag to the handlebars (above the headlight) allowed it to act as a very effective wind deflector.

    I spent the entire trip sitting quite comfortably in a wind free zone. :grin:
  9. Ooh, ghetto windshield, I LOVE it!
  10. Well most mcas shops have cruiser gear. You had any luck there? Or there is a great shop down south if you feel like a ride to Wollongong. Have a look at there website www.zpower.com.au
    I bought a screen, handlebars, crashbars, sissybar and a tank chap for my Suzuki M50 it's just a matter of taking your bike there to see if the gear fits and then what I did was drive down and picked it all up or they might post it all out to you.