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where about did you guys find your first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by morericewong, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    Ive been looking to try to find my first bike for a bit under 2 months now with no luck
    either the bike is a dud, going for too much or get sold before i even have a chance to look at it.

    maybe you guys could give me a hand want a second hand bike most likely a sports bike under $5000 been mainly looking at the cbr250r or rr (not really fussed at this point) and the zxr250

    ive been looking at cbr250.com, bikesales and bikepoint and here with some hits but they have been too expensive. i know i really shouldnt be saying this since netriders already offers this but do you guys know of any other forums i should look at to buy my bike or any other resources i might be missing?
  2. I found mine on bikesales.com

    You are looking in the right direction. Also look in the trading post or even ebay.
  3. In a bike shop, Bought it new.
  4. Ist bike: Trading post
    The hornet: bikesales.com.au
  5. My first bike was under a Christmas tree but I dont think thats what you were asking :grin:

    I have bought 2 great bikes of NR members and sold one through ebay :wink:
  6. First bike? don't limit yourself to only 2 types. if your only going to have it during your restricted period it dosnt need to be that special..

    And most of the gray imports are over priced IMO you pay top dollar for bikes 10 yrs old. how much are the new zr2r's? check them out.
  7. zr2r? :p If you're talking about the new kawa 250 'ninja' they aren't at all similar to zx2r. One is a high revving sportsbike, the other is not.
  8. Mine was in the back yard, but it was Christmas day. Apparently Santa was too soft to drag it down the chimney. :? It was only a 50cc, :roll: Santa needs to HTFU. :LOL:
  9. I found mine on cbr250.com

    i like the idea of buying from forum members. IMHO they seem to take better care of their machines than non forum members
  10. Keep in mind that with the private sales, you can usually get a few hundred knocked off the price, so it's worth your time looking at bikes that you think are slighty above your price range.

    Especially true for the zx2r - I think a lot of people are trying to offload theirs before they become illegal for learners.
  11. Came face to face with the CBR125 for the first time in July last year in the Mean Fiddler at Rouse Hill. We were like two cats circling each other, or rather, I was circling it. Couldn’t figure out what it was, but when I did, it was love at almost-first sight.

    I still remember her, she was black, shiny and tiny!

    Two months later Jeff bought me Peaches, my very own black/white CBR125 from Sydney City Motorcycles. I met her for the first time in his garage. I still remember having a spat with Jeff, which included me giving him a lethal dose of verbal diarrhea, before he dragged me into the garage and said “SURPRISE!!!â€

    And I went
  12. Tradingpost.com.au , Bikesales.com.au , Bikepoint.com.au

    I like Trading Post because it groups NSW/ACT together since ACT's just down the road and might as well be a part of NSW...

    But more importantly because their toggle-box Make/Model finder is more 'strict' with bike naming than the other two and easier to search for a bunch of different bikes at the same time. One search for alllllllll the bikes you're looking at.

    Whereas with the other two you can only do one bike at a time, and half the time a Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird (for example) will be listed under 15 different bloody bike types, which you have to search one at a time. CBR1100XX! CBR1100XX Blackbird! Super Blackbird! Blackbird! CBR1100XX Super Blackbird! Five searches just to look at ONE type of bike? FEH!!
  13. Brand new from dealer.
  14. some great deals to be had from forum bike sales, alot of people tend to slighlty discount the price of their bikes to fellow forum members, but having said that there are great deals alll over the net

    try the sites posted above but also allclassifieds some ripper bargins to be found on there, thats where i found my next bike which i pick up on monday arvo :grin:
  15. lol man you guys respond fast

    Thanks guys for all ya help

    yeah i think ill try start looking at trading post as well
    maybe might have some better luck there

    yeah was thinking of getting the cbr125 but all my bike mates said not too not enough power and you'll get tried of it really quickly so i decided to a bigger one
  16. ZX2R become illegal? Why, what for and what makes you think this could happen?
  17. Got mine from an ad in the paper in 1971. Suzuki K15. Google that if you dare.
  18. Illegal for learners, I meant.
  19. how iwll it??? it's a inline 4 250 4 stroke and it's lams, it' not a KR1
  20. don't get the 125, what ur mate says is right, u will tire of it VERY quickly

    i got a 250rr and love it to bits, in fact my mates who own 125's often come and swap bikes with me for a few days because they can't stand how underpowered the 125 is lol

    as for $5000, its a good starting point, although to get the better ones u may still need to stretch that a little, just be prepared to do so when u find the right one.

    i spent a long time looking for mine and its tip top the best one i saw after ages and i stretched my budget $700 to get it... don't regret it one bit

    keep at it!