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Where a 250 would have been my demise!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Another life example of how traffic has the potential to snuff one out.

    Recently restored a 250cc CBR and tossed up riding that or my 600 to work.

    Traveling home last night on the CBR600RR, middle lane on nepean highway (In Melbourne 4 lane road heading out of the city). Im in a centre lane with traffic up the butt and on each side, all clear ahead (riding legally).

    As per chance there was a bus on my left flank for which I was about halfway up along side (but thankfully in the right wheel track) when all of a sudden, it decided that my lane was a better option. Opps not for me :shock: !

    My options, can't brake (light truck up my jatzzy), can't swerve right and big muther comming at me. Only way out, straight ahead. twisted the wrist and almost had the arm sockets removed, but cleared the bus in just enough time! :shock: :shock:

    When my heart settled back down, just thought where I'd be on a 250cc that evening. Not home having a coffee.

    Rrgardless of how well we prepare, you can never always be master of positioning yourself on the road. This is where I really beleive that the limiting of people on smaller bikes (or even riding a scooter) is a choice that should be left to the individual, not the government.
  2. yeah i do agree if you ride within the laws i believe it very easy to come unstuck, but for me i generally take my life into my hands and gamble the 5 or so km over the limit..... yeah yeah i know i am going to die :shock::roll: but yeah i always prefer to be moving slightly quickier then the traffic around me :oops:
  3. Yeah that blows when i see big trucks, buses or taxi's i try to speed past them or in their side mirror areas. Glad to hear your ok though
  4. +1 busses, panel vans, trucks...they all scare the crap out of me.

    I do my best to avoid being anywhere near them on the road, and will generally do what I must to get away from them.

    The VTR250 just doesn't have the power, particularly at freeway speeds, to pull me out of situations like that. I avoid them accordingly. :)
  5. if you were on a 250 you could have moved onto the white lines there usually is a gap just big enough for a bike to sit there squished up, although doing this would be a 50/50.

    5km/h isn't anything, i'd rather be doing atlest 10-20kmh faster then everyone else.
  6. First day on a 1000cc bike today, traffic mostly and some fast bits. I can attest to the huge difference in getting where you need to go without planning, changing gears revving and hoping/praying.

    Overtaking is so much faster - I want to be in front of you, blip brake there I go, job done.

    I used to think it sounded a bit weird 'bigger bikes can get you out of trouble', I get it now.
  7. they also get you into trouble alot quickier too :wink:
  8. And there lies the problem.
    You Never ever sit next to a Bus, Truck, or Van.
    You sit behind untill there is enough room to move and then you blast past.
    And considering napeyan Hyway is an 80 zone doing that on a 250 shouldn't be an issue.

    I am not saying you were at fault. The Bus F#$%ked up, but a little more roadcraft and you don't need teh bigger bike for that sort of thing
  9. Save that for your epitaph! :angel:

    Buses do 90 in 80 zones and cut off traffic. If your riding at legal limits you will never have full control over who's next to you.

    " Blasting past" Im sure a road wise merchant that fangs it at 110+ in an 80 zone will get to avoid most hazards, except those that end around a tree, barrier, sail through red lights or in front of a magistrate.

    In the UK and in most US states, you are not permitted to ride any small calibre bike on M ways etc. People still do though, and this stituation, albiet only a slither of what goes on, is an example of why smaller bikes should be restricted to inner city or suburban roads.
  10. I had to use some power to get out of trouble same with anyone here....

    One nite coming home from work at abt 8 last wk. On burke ro there was traffic back up from a set of lights abt 300-400m. I dont usually filter/lane split as I dont really feel comfortable unless Im in a hurry or bad traffic. So I started going down the middle. As I went squese pass a 4wd and a car the traffic moved. Both cars prob didnt know I was in the middle as the 4wd had to avoid a parked car on the left he was starting to close the gap. I was jus next to their mirrors on both sides. I cant stop nor had anywhere to go other than jus to flick my wrist and get out of there.

    I quickly pulled the clutch give it heaps of revs dump the clutch and shot out of there. Had 2 do that since my revs are too low to give me any decent power....

    Im guessing everyone here has been through the same situation....
  11. If you can't get from 90 to 120 and back in stuff all flat on your 25RR, then why did you buy a 4 pot screamer?
    And I bet you know the exact location of every camera along the way.
    I have rarely had any power issues when it comes to safety, (Yeah I have power issues when it comes to fun) and when I have, it has always been because I put myself there. (oops) (eg sitting beside a bus).

    If you don't want to listen that is your call.
    As for epitaphs, people who listen and learn are probably going to be doing the writing.
    Heroes who know it all are often the ones being written about.
  12. ludicrous
  13. You brought a 1000cc to do speed limits. ](*,)
    I hope you do track days to make it a wise choice.
  14. yeah, i hate it when i'm next to trucks, busses, vans, cars, bikes, scooters, police, posties, cyclists and pedestrians. Whats my point??? Your absolutely right that sometimes sh*t just happens and there aint a whole lot you can do about it.
  15. you are free to go with your 250, where every you please. All the best! :nail:
  16. I bought R1 not just a 1000, love its finish, handling and power. I also am a lover of my licence, so generally respect the law.

    And yes I get to do track days :)

    I am passionate about riding because its a life long hobby. I certianly don't do it for the convenience, economy or ability to do 300kph. I think bikes rock and spend to what I can afford to buy.

    Hell if I had the free cash I would buy a zx14 and happily ride it a 60.
    Until track day :demon:
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