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Where’s the outrage? Drivers behaving badly!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nath, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. As a follow on from the sort of crap that idiots like Miranda divine go on about (see netrider thread on that here)
    I summed up one very good reason why the outrage at our fellow 2 wheeled riders is out of place: hit and runs.

    Where’s the outrage? Drivers behaving badly!

    I mean we get ONE ****head who aside from riding in a transit lane has the stupidity to go and start hitting a bus driver and the media's calling for more blood than they get already when the two wheeled vehicle they hit isn't a motorcycle for a change (while they put on makeup or talk on a phone or just don't pay attention while driving). But there's a constant stream of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists left for dead on the road thanks to some piss poor excuse of a human being deciding they won't stop to help.
    That's not even counting the hit and runs in parking lots on other people's cars/bikes etc.

    I'd rather see a lot more cyclists on the road than cars, because like motorbikes they are freeflowing and aren't part of the traffic jam (always like how car drivers consider all the cars except theirs as "traffic jam"). Sure they sneak up the front a lot, but given the number of traffic lights: they're just going to overtake again.. so not worth stressing about.

    Anyhow, end rant.. ](*,)
  2. and therefore it doesnt matter how slow they take off or what speed they ride at, all they are doing is making you take longer to get to the next traffic jam, not making your trip to work take 5 seconds longer.
  3. The rage at filtering is by and large irrational. I gain something without costing other motorists anything. Read: efficiency.
  4. I liked the blog post. You should send it to devine and scully.
  5. Just boils down to envy..

    There's that psychological game where you have two players and a pile of money, the first gets to determine what they give to the other person and they keep the rest. The second player gets a choice as to whether to accept the amount or say no and no one gets any money. So it's always win win so long as player 1 doesn't give themselves 100%. But what do you think happens if the proportion gets below 50/50?
    That's right, the player 2s start saying no (thus meaning they too get nothing).
    I think that's what comes into play here: people would rather no one get an easy ride through traffic if they can't, even if it makes no sense whatsoever.
  6. I believe the same jealousy drives a lot of the blanket 4WD hatred.

    It's small minded.
  7. Yep, it's pure stupidity. My take on it is that cages see traffic lights as a line-up situation, where motorcyclists are 'jumping the queue'. I mean get over it, it doesn't even effect them in the slightest, yet I've had people use there cars as a weapon to try and hit me while doing it, just to prove their stupid point. Morons.
  8. I put it to you that cagers begrudgingly accept cyclists passing them because they acknowledge that they are human beings (albeit occasionally stupid ones). Whereas they don't see motorcyclists as human, just evil robots best defeated and destroyed.
  9. Ha ha ha, yep, that and they get to catch up to the cyclists thereby reclaiming their rightful spot in the line. Idiots.
  10. But I am an evil robot.
  11. When a motorcycle splits to the front of the line, they wait for the green and bang, they are off, never to be seen.

    But when a cyclist does it, they get to the front of the line, then usually just keep cycling straight through the red. Then they are caught by the traffic, chaos ensues as drivers try to overtake the cyclist. But that is not the end of the story, because the cars that have overtaken the cyclist get caught by the next red and watch the cyclist filter through again, run the red again and they are back to square one.

    If anything the cyclist is causing environmental damage because drivers are accelerating, slowing down, making lane changes, all in an effort to overtake. All this uses fuel.

    There is no similarity between cyclists and motorbike riders lane splitting. The motorbike rider does cause no hassle to the cagers, the cyclist causes heaps of hassle. The motorbike rider has a number plate and is identifiable. The motorbike rider loses points if he gets caught. The motorbike rider pays money for the privilege of using the road, the cyclist pays diddly squat.

    For a demonstration of cyclists behaving badly, come to the Sydney CBD !! I can introduce you to a number of people who have experienced hit and runs by cyclists.
  12. Now where's that "Not this s$*t again" pic? :wink:
  13. My humble apologies for having an opinion. It seems that anyone who dares say anything negative about cyclists on Netrider gets shouted down by a very determined and vocal clique of wanna be cyclist cyber bullies (some of them moderators).

    I won't say anything more on this particular thread, except to say that the opinions I express are not out of the ordinary. There is ALOT of road users who feel the same way. And no amount of shouting down, intimidation or derision is going to change my opinion.

    If, in 5-10 years time cyclists are still getting the same deal that they have now, then I'll be very surprised. Eventually the passive majority will stop being stood over by the vocal minority.
  14. No need to be touchy about it.

    I was just referring to the fact that the subject gets flogged to death weekly and I can see this thread going the same way.
  15. Not sure I agree with you there mate.

    The arguments against the need for 4wd vehicles in urban environments seem rational to me: more space taken up on the road and in parking spaces in a city where road real estate is a real concern, visiblity concerns, petrol consumption, fatality rates of the occupants of other vehicles in crashes involving 4wd vehicles compared to fatality rates in crashes not involving 4wd vehicles, higher center of gravity, etc etc.

    Cheap shot.
  16. [​IMG]