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Whens the time to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sunite, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. with yamaha recently putting up prices leading to xmas, and all other manufactures looking likely to follow suit, the buyers market seems to be shaken up a lil, some sales has happened and the clearence of all 08 model cycles are about, the real question is should we wait longer to buy a new motorcycle to after xmas and new years to collect up on the late sale 08 models and the post Xmas sales, or buy one now while the prices havent been jacked up,

    many say during winter, by then surely the prices will have been jacked up, so when is the best time to buy within this volatile economy of bikes??


  2. I bought 2 weeks ago

    Honda also were saying prices would rise in the new year and with our dollar going down the toliet and all bikes made in Japan, Europe or the US I suppose I had no reason to doubt it.

    You could wait and maybe you'll get lucky and June next year save yourself say $1000.

    For me that was a saving I was willing to forgo cos it meant I would get to ride the bike I wanted for 6 months instead of look at it on my PC (2 weeks in and im happy with my decision)
  3. when ever im selling :grin:
  4. This isn't Wall St, Buddy.
    You buy when you are ready to ride.
  5. All I know is that this economy is working wonders on the secondhand market. Looks like I can finally get a good deal on a CBR600F4!
  6. When you have the money!
  7. nah. It's always hard.
    You only need one bike so find that one deal & you'll be OK.
    Any new bike purchase will depreciate as soon as you put your arse on it, you can't buy bikes as a 'wise investment' .
  8. A good time to buy is before or after everyone else is so either a few months before summer or just after summer. Otherwise, there's too many people to compete against for the same bike. The same goes for getting Ls. The alternative is just to get it when you want it.

    As for prices going up, they never really went down when the dollar went up big time so I can't see any justifiable reason for them doing so. Consider this: a new Ninja 250R was about $3,500 in US dollars in the States about 4 months ago. When the AU$ was almost on par with the US$ they were around AU$7,300 here.
  9. Anything the importers bought, from Japan especially, before October will be a good deal cheaper than anything they have had to order since. AU$ is way down against the yen. I'd be looking for anything that's been sitting on the floor for a little while and snapping it up soon.
    End of month is always a good time.