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When you're about to put petrol in the bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ktulu, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. I take the petrol nozzle out of it's holder and point it down so the little bit of petrol in the nozzle splashes out on the ground, instead of splashing around/on your fuel tank, when you go to put it in the hole.

    Part advice for new riders at the servo [ESPECIALLY if you have acrylic paint], part 'anyone else do this?'.

  2. I usually just keep the nozzel turned up or at least on its side until its over the tank hole then start pouring in.
  3. +1 - wasting all my petrol riding on the road, not the servo forecourt :cool:
  4. Nice first post, welcome to Netrider!
  5. ...and this is why servo forecourts get so slippery when it rains.
  6. Drain if it's available.

    Yeah, I've found it's easy enough to angle the nozzle up from the stand-side of the bike when filling if you've got a lot of hose.
    But on the short ones where you are bringing the nozzle down from above the bike - fuel will drop out of the nozzle before you pull the trigger; and will get on the bike unless you are directly over the tank-hole already.

    I guess this would be better as a "Think about the little bit of petrol sitting in the nozzle before you go pointing it at your bike" thread... particularly if your bike is very hot etc.
  7. I don't have any problems but then my petrol goes in the back :)

    Go the Across

    Will keep in mind though when I upgrade in about a year, always manage to splash a bit of petrol around the hole, its just doesn't matter yet.
  8. but it's not his property/equipment so why should he care, right? :wink:
  9. another +1, never had a problem with this method
  10. I spill some accidently most of the time so I just give my tank a good sloosh of water from the supplied watering can.
    Edit: with cap closed of course. I'm not a moron :p
  11. Never, ever had a problem spilling fuel when filling up.

    Never spill it on the ground.

    Don't seem to splash it on my bike, either.

    Is this thread like a scene from Zoolander, or am I missing something?

  12. mmmm, I'm puzzled too, I'm all for solutions, but I've never seen the problem.....
  13. Shit, I didnt know petrol & water mixed :grin: :p
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Got it in one. I'm sure Ktulu has got some good Zoolander poses. I thought it was a joke initially because surely some common sense would have prevailed.....but then I realised who posted it.
  15. also grab some paper towel incase when u lift the nozzle you dont get some extra flow onto the tank - just quickly as you lift the nozzle cover the end with the paper and sometimes (depends on pumps and station) u will get a little flow into the paper and it saves it from going on the bike.

    also depends on the angle the hoses is at - long one could be dipped in the middle at the bottom so as you lift it you might get some to flow out just from moving the hose and not from pulling the handle.
  16. Yeah either did I. That is one thing that always stumped me is that people use the watering can for washing petrol off their car/bike. They don't mix people! The water can is to fill radiator and windscreen washer bottle.
  17. petrol will sit ontop of water - not a good experience when filling a ski boat while it's still in the water and petrol overflows and sits on the surface... about the same height as your DT's... OUCH!

    does splashing the water off actually do anything? would using paper towells get it off cos it can leave nasty marks on the paint.
  18. I just use the windscreen squegy with the soapy water. Least that gets more off than just water.
  19. Funny thing anyone can see water doesent do jack but the cagers will still use water time & time again.
    And the available paper towels which would do the trick gets left alone. :grin: :roll: