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When your Dinkus falls off or gets removed... The only solution is LEGO!!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jaytee, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]


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  2. :) Colour matched as well
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  3. A better read than half the threads started lately.
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  4. That's great. I'd go with that.

    You might find one at a wreckers, but then you'd probably have to paint it green.
  5. Not what I was expecting a dinkus to be.
    If anything else falls off you could always go the whole hog. milto-lego-bike-8.
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  6. Can you imagine crashing that and all the pieces just flying off? Haha or landing on a piece? Standing on one kills
  7. Bet it's cheap to repair though - except for that one piece you'll never find until you tread on it.
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  8. I'm sure the one piece wouldn't be important. Just a brake calliper.
    I wonder if 2 of them crashed would they just connect?
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  9. Lego apparently also good for repairing ABS fairings
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  10. sorry guys im lego less at the moment
  11. Badum tss
  12. I wonder if Lego would help with that little rubber protector thing that's on the gear pedal. Mine came off today. Seriously where do you get them?
  13. Problem solved... better late than never.... :whistle:

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  14. Too funny!