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when your bored with four...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. try 8?!!?


    I love bored auzzies.... :wink:
  2. not a bad looking bike. and it actually looks like it can handle. unlike the other V8 bikes ive seen. a guy in victoria gets a 265KW 5.7l v8 chev, adds a steering head, forks. then sub frame and swing arm, welded to the block. wacks on a seat and 30l tanks, then sells it to you for $60k. and it is ADR approved!

  3. Bombastically stupid. I love it!
  4. $70,000... hell no, yuck!

    And a superbudgie powered go-cart. 145bhp that sounds fun!
  5. They would want to be gods gift to motorcycle for $70,000 :shock:

    They look ok but a modified jap bike could make the same power for a lot less than $70k :LOL:

    Got to give it to them for making there own bike though, and the motec dash looks the goods in a cage or on a bike :cool:

  6. A V8 Monster would go and sound like pure heaven, but $70k? More than pushing it on price.
  7. Mind Blowing!

    I dream of someone producing a mid size (400-750) V6 sports bike, but positioned transverse, moto guzzi style.

    Just imagine the exhaust layout! Make mine a six into six thanks.

    Why not? Damn conservative motorcycle manufacturers.

    Those scoffing at the $70'000 of the Drysdale, need to remember this a custom special. You might be able to buy greater performance cheaper, but performance ain't everything, this is a visceral experience, an assault on all the senses.
    Not for everyone, but what price can you put on insanity?
  8. pfft, 8 cylinders? is that all? EIGHT? haahahaHAHAHa thats nothing. i mean, they had 8 cylinders in the twenties, and again in the fifties. old news.

    this is better.

  9. As a friend of Ians that project was a dream of his

    Its just that if you have a mechanical bent in life and you dream of a project its not that many who would sink 12 to 15 thousand dollars into the cost of the patterns to make the crankcase castings.

    70 k is cheap for a hand made one off motorcycle lets face it those custom choppers we see with an S&S engine etc cost 60 to 80 K

    Even a ferrari is about .5 to .75 of a million for one of 200 built that year

    We have discussed on another group getting the tooling together for a laverda V6 engine 1000cc shaft drive the tooling alone for the heads and block and gearbox items come in at around 40 k just a little out of my range unless i win tats :LOL:
  10. Man that bike looks AWESOME.

  11. There was a limited edition MV Agusta F4 recently that was selling for more than twice that - and yet they still managed to offload 100 of them. So clearly there are people out there with that sort of cash to spend on a bike, think the only thing working against the Aussie mob I reckon is they don't have that "wank factor" of the Italian brand names.
  12. or you could spend $100K on one of these...


    Taken at the Melbourne Bike show a couple of years ago.