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When your average V10 boss hoss is a little too plain...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxxer, Dec 10, 2010.

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  2. no reverse??
  3. err...... yeah nah
  4. umm....


    yes..... :LOL:
  5. Outrageous! Not for me, but I still like it.
  6. ... G-zuz!

    Perhaps I've been a bit hasty here. I have thought that there is no earthly reason for the existence or manufacture of 300mm rear tyres, but maybe... [sniff, fidget.]

    It's not my cup of tea. I can just about come at a Rocket3, and the idea of doing fairly serious engine work to one of those, has a certain maniac cool about it...

    A practical motorcycle is called a scooter. Or, perhaps a CB250 or XL250. An old one. A postie or a CT90 Cub is the most practical of all personal transport machines. Anything less ... 3rd world and utilitarian than that, is a kinetic sculpture. It is a poetic instance, enacted in steel and rubber and ...(oriental shit-metal of some kind) of the immutable laws of motion, and the graceful choreography of cause and effect. Or, as you'd say to the bloke at the pub - it's a machine that makes you happy. If it also takes you places and doesn't piss on your leg, that's a bonus.

    I take my hat off to him. I hope he enjoys it.
  7. I can appreciate the technical side of the exercise, and I suspect that's the only reason for its existence; it'd be a jaw-dropper at auto/bike shows, especially if they start it up.
  8. Its a prime mover on two wheels........
  9. To me it's just a waste of a beautiful engine, on piece stuck together welding tha looks more like scaffolding with wheels. Sorry.
  10. the old 302 windsor is a tiny engine (and light too) but you rarely see it make it into these types of creations.
  11. Questions and more questions..I wont ask why or what was being smoked during the design stage...all that is very apparent. So I'll stick to the practical ones like, can you pick it up if you spill it ?..how's the handling ? There is some serious weight in the donk alone..that's a lot of inertia to overcome . I think the Y2k jet bike would be easier to live with..it sure looks better in my eyes than that frankenbike.
  12. Goes pretty good in an MX5, yeah. I'm tempted to sling one in a series 1 RX7, just for shits and giggles...
  13. In the UK, a few bikes were built around the Rover 3500 lump (formerly the Buick 215) which is also small and, being all alloy, very light. Shame most of them were ugly as f*^& though.
  14. yeah great for going in a straight line.but Im tipping it would go around corners too well.....\\

  15. Fun to pick up when it's been dropped.
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