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when you upgrade from your 250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Madness, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Just a question regarding updrading from restrictions.

    Is it wise when you upgrade to go back in years with the bike? I was always told from a young age when you're buying a new car, never buy one older than the one you have.

    I am wondering if it is regarded the same in the motorcycle industry? I wont be doing it for a long time yet, but just curious as looking at some bikes for something to do, the one's I could afford were older than my 2005/6 GPX...

  2. Your GPX250 is hardly 2006 technology. Just remember it was produced in the late 80's... :oops:

    Thats if you are looking at it from a technological point of view.
  3. I have a 98 and it kicks ass

    I guarantee you would be happy jumping off a GPX onto my bike.

    That said you would obviously try and get the latest and best model you can afford
  4. Honestly i don't think bike technology has changed all that much for the last decade. The bikes just keep getting faster.

    Although, i'm new so i could be completely wrong!
  5. Yes but the motor has only done yr 2006+ worth of KM's.. I am sorry, but I am not really technical in this stuff, which is why I asked the question in the first place. Remembering this is for new riders!!

    I was just asking because my dad always told me never go down years when you buy cars, I just wasn't sure if it was the case in bikes too.
  6. i'm gona have to agree & there horrendously ugly, but to each there own. btw Kawasaki is releasing a new 250 start of next yr, there updating the 80's look freaking finally.

    When i upgrade it will ether be a 2008 yzf r6, or a 2007+ gsxr-600, depending on money & what kind of bikes are for sale second hand :D.
  7. No, thats stupid.. Years are somewhat irrelevant (to a certain extent), its all about condition and kms.

    That said, I'll probably be getting a bike after 2002 (my current bike), since thats when most bikes got FI.

    But if thats not in the cars $wise, I'll get an old banger zx6r, late 90s or early 00s.
  8. Well it was bloody good advice for car buying to be honest. Sorry it's stupid to you, but thats why I asked as I wasn't sure it was the same with bikes.

    But sure as hell has been pointed out to me that it doesn't really mean anything.
  9. I stand by my remark :p I've got a 1990 car thats in far better condition (mechanically) and alot less kms than cars 10 years newer.
  10. I agree with phiz that "trading up" with a bike is slightly irrelevant.

    If you dont plan to keep or run your bike, then getting a model & selling it early might pay off in returning close to your purchase price, but it will depend on the condition, kms, modifications and other makes/models on the market at the same time, so there's no real guarantee.

    Bikes are more personalised than cars as a rider wants to feel at one with the ride. Some people love older models some prefer newer but its an individual thing as well as what you can afford or suits your purpose.

    Cars probably matter more greatly in trading up due to technology or creature comfort variations etc, but air conditioning is always standard on a bike & the surroud sound is only limited by your BYO!
  11. Just remember that bikes are completely different to cars.
  12. thank you everyone

    oh and wolf, ummm im not completely stupid, i know the difference. It was merely a question from a new person...blahh...ah I have explained my reasoning enough I think.... :wink:
  13. I really don't know why some people have to be so cruel. Enjoy your mocking of my weight though.
  14. narsty
  15. LOL.

    easy, children.

    i think phizog was having a joke, mainly coz theirs a kid on the back. thats an extra 40kg or something? makes a fair diff to the suspension. 250s arent really designed for pillion, i know i dont want anyone on the back of my VTR, the suspension is hard enough already!
  16. im 90kg and threw my gpx around fast enuff to keep up with my mates on their 600's thru the hills. and even with a few riders of larger bikes choosing to ride behind me ;) so if ridden well. the gippy can really perform!

    ive just upgraded from a 91 gippy to a 99 zx6r and i cant be happier :D
  17. Hey I'm allowed to give crap about gpx suspension, cos zzr has the same!! FYI I'm on max preload, and a big lad myself. Lighten up :grin: