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When You Think You've Seen It All

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by joetdm, May 24, 2010.

  1. At a function at the weekend and couldn't believe it.
    Went to the loo, and they had a flat screen TV behind glass right where you piss on!

    I relieved myself on a netball game but everyone was joking that it all could be quite funny if they were showing mud wrestling (or something else!)

    Imagine having to repair it......:rofl:

    It was a place in Brighton along the bay.....

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  2. Hahahaha classic!
  3. you took a pic of someone peeing?

    Have I seen you hanging around the toilets in other places... taking pictures?
  4. Haha lol

    I think he took a pic of the tv to show us.
  5. It's my nephew, he wanted a pic of himself to have some fun with a few of his mates.

    It was such a talking point, all the women wanted to have a look.
    So we made sure there was no one in there then all the women went in to have a look .......

    This family function stopped me riding on a glorious Sunday so at least we had good laugh.
  6. Question Time...
  7. Something is disturbingly wrong with the 2nd from the left.. the woman is holding out a foot of measuring tape.. :S
  8. You mean... your hoo-haa is smaller than a foot long? :-s ;)
  9. Seems those photos are showing some discrimination and not catering for the gay community...... Where's the equality.....lol
  10. "THEY," um, have the real things.

    "need help with that sir? of course you do."

  11. Or could you please hold this while I blow my nose.......... lololol
  12. gay urinals ... anyone? :p

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  13. and the Netrider favourite!...

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  14. Home nightclub in darling harbour also has the tv's in the troth
  15. have you seen a man eat his own head?
  16. man, i don't know...some how, watching tv whilst standing next to some john with my junk hanging out doesn't appeal to me.
  17. If that were my dunny I'd just get a continuous loop of julie bishop's face on the telle.
  18. ^

    i'd have:

  19. Since when!?