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when you think you have seen everything

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. going down to see pete the pom today
    took off from the lights , 4Wd next to me (nissan patrol)
    up to the next set which turned red , I stopped and the green man for the pedestian to cross goes green .
    The mother and daughter on the side of the road step off and thankfull mum grabs the daughter and pulls her back as fcukwit in the 44WD just motors through doing about 70-80 k's
    I held my breath and everyone around gasped , i then went off after him , caught up to him and this cock is on the phone , weaving all over the road.
    we stop at the lights and i tap on his drivers window ( firmly) and he is that rapped up in his phone call that he doesnt even realise I am there.
    he drives off and we get to the next set of lights and i tapped on his door with my boot which got his attention and gestured to him to wind his window down , but he throws it in gear and just pulls out and turns left .

    just when you think you have seen everything there is allways a bigger fcukwit comes along to astound you.
  2. I hope you left a dent in his door!
  3. If you get a few witnesses and his numberplate the cops will pay him a visit - in some cases they will prosecute based on your report (you may need to be a witness in court though).
  4. What a moron...

    Speaking of cagers, I assisted at an accident today. Coming back from visiting my grandma in Reservoir, there was a huge mess on Plenty Road in Bundoora right near Officeworks. I didn't see the prang, just the aftermath, but 5 under 21's in an SS Liberace'd a brand new commodore with kids in the back. Heavy hit, took 3 of us to push the SS off the road while the driver (a mechanic) kicked away at the front right wheel to get it moving off the quarter that was wrapped around it. Everyone was ok and the fireys and ambos got there very quickly which was good to see (they only had to travel 500 metres). My mum passed it 20 minutes later and the cops were there taking measurements and talking about how fast the SS must have been going. They were good kids so hopefully all that comes of it is a wake up call.

    Makes you think though, if they had of hit one of us instead of the car it wouldn't have ended so well. Be safe out there guys and gals.

  5. Hopefully lots of dents.
  6. These sort of stories really shit me there is never a copper around where you see someone doing something that is actually dangerous. They are more than happy to lurk around behind trees out on open back roads and book you for doing a perfectly safe 20-30km's over the limit. But when you see some knob jockey racing though a 60 zone or as above all that while making an appointment for his next hooker the coppers are never about.
  7. Do they put the funds raised from speed cameras back into road safety? Seems that you're more likely to see a speed camera on the road than a cop. Funny considering that speed is only one factor amongst many in road accidents.
  8. Cops and cameras are separate entities these days. The cameras are run by a private business called Tennix.
  9. Exceeding the speed limit is an issue in ~3% of all accidents that occur.

    The other 97%? Sorry, we don't care about the other 97%. It doesn't earn hundreds of millions of dollars while sitting in a car reading a paper, or merely having a static camera atop a pole raking in $50M a year.
  10. Good to see the grobets police were there to do the job