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When you SMIDSY call is not justified

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. As with most groups, everything we do on a motorcycle is right, and everything done by everyone else on the road is wrong. So after a small incident today I would like to bring to everyone's attention that your SMIDSY call is not always right.

    Today I was towing my yacht. It is about 8.5 meters long on the trailer, so you are by law forced to give way to me when I am turning. That means I can take a left turn from the right lane, as I need the room to make the turn. This is why I have a sign on the back of my boat that says "Do not overtake turning vehicle" If you are stupid enough to try and overtake me on the left side when I am turning left then suffer the consequences. I use 1.5 lanes cause I cannot get around the corner without pushing the ******** on the motorcycle up on the kerb. True story, happened today and said dickwad on motorcycle had the hide to abuse me. I did not see said dickwad because he was sitting in the oil track behind the boat. Because I am towing several ton of boat does not mean you can pop out from behind me and flog it up the left side and abuse me when I nearly take you out. The load is heavy, I cannot go faster.

    Second story, for those of us here that have driven trucks know that there is blinds spots we cannot see. Sorry folks, but we cannot make our neck stretch out to the left side to check the blind spot. And, if we have a cab that is narrower than the body, we also cant check all the blind spots on the right.

    For all you people that are on motorcycles, you must have seen the sign on the back of the trucks that says "If you cant see my mirrors, I cant see you". Read and heed. Guess what, we cannot see you no matter how hard we try. If you can see my face in the mirror, I can see you. Otherwise don't whinge when I merge into you.

    If you want to flame me for this, do this first. Go hire a 3.5 tonne truck with a wide body. Drive it down a 2 lane road and change lanes a few times. Until you have done this, you have no right to complain.
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  2. So it was a "Sorry mate, your a retard and almost killed yourself doing something stupid".
    Hope the boat is ok and noone was hurt.
    Some people will never learn.
  3. That's a good post TRA, and an important lesson. We often say that car drivers should have to learn to ride a bike to become better drivers. Well, it goes for bike riders understanding heavy vehicles as well. I reckon you can't have too many licence classes - collect the set! Understanding different vehicle dynamics, and the road rules as they apply regarding different vehicle types is very useful.
  4. I want to flame you but I don't want to have to do all that stuff first. And you seem to be correct, anyway. I am confused.
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  5. All good points. I'm going to assume that you indicated for at least a few seconds before commencing the turn.
  6. You get plenty of indication when I am turning, mainly cause the 2.5t car with a 2.5l diesel towing a 3tonne boat is not exactly a speed machine!

    This was only the start of my day, local private school had rugby on, and all the mercs and bmw illegally parked makes it hard to get down to my place. One BMW X5 was parked right on a round about leaving me no room to get the boat around. Had to pull the boat up on the kerb off the round about which resulted in the wheel nuts of the front wheel on the trailer sheering off.
  7. If a heavy vehicle is straddling two lanes and has their indicator on, it's safe to assume they're about to make a turn, and running up their inside would be ill-advised.
  8. I'd like to add one TRA: motorcyclists travelling in (as in consistently moving themselves into and remaining in) my blind spot as I ride. Give me some f'n distance and don't be so stupid as to make it hard for the rider/driver in front to see you.

    But this is all stuff people don't need to be told. If they do need to be told then they're so dumb that the telling won't make much difference. And where are they gonna hear it - I suspect they don't talk with real riders much.
  9. That's probably true, but it could also be said of at least half the stuff we bang on about, here on netrider. If some of the message gets through to some of the people some of the time, then it's probably worth the typing.

    Good post, TRA. Couldn't agree more. A lot of people have a reaction to an unexpected event that involves anger and self righteousness. Some of them cool down and move to introspection and analysis, but many don't. One of the primary things we try and tell new riders and fellow riders, is to assess and ask, "What could I have done better or different?" There are an awful lot of people who just don't think that way, and can't be made to think that way.
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