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When you get to the front...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bam Bam, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. #1 Bam Bam, Apr 11, 2015
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    What do you do when you get to the front when you have filtered? What's best?

    Do you pick a lane and get right in front of the car and take ownership of the lane, even if you end up near or even a bit in the pedestrian crossing? Or do you stay in between the cars not really in any lane?
    What's safest?

    I'm in victoria, which doesn't allow filtering yet, so you are already breaking the law anyways, but in other states where it is legal, you can't pass the white line, which means you are stuck in between two cars. Thoughts?

    Is there an accepted thing riders do?
    I find if you don't get in front of other cars, you can sometimes get a driver that wants to prove his car is faster than a bike and risk cleaning you up. Thoughts?

  2. Take a lane, and make a good launch quickly. Just watch for red light runners.
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  3. Stay between the cars. Getting too close to an intersection is dangerous. Kreep forward just before light change. Don't pick a lane until you're moving. Keep your options open. Also I really don't like the idea of plonking myself in front of someone if I stall or fcuk up.
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  4. There you go, two opinions, the reverse of each other. Your riding style (personal opinion) will influence what you do.
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  5. Yep. The OP may as well asked if you like the taste of coriander or the movie Birdman. This is as divisive as motorcycle questions get.
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  6. Looks like you should alternate every time you split to the front Bam BamBam Bam. ;)
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  7. Lol, thanks guys!
    I guess the same thing when in the turning lane then? What ever you feel is safest?
  8. Biggest rule...don't stall!

    Each situation at front is similar but different, and in time you'll instinctively move to a point that you're happiest at.

    And watch out for idiot cagers that try and pull off quicker than you by going early!
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  9. I stay between the two cars with a preferred lane picked out for when the light changes. Obviously if one vehicle is an HSV Holden and the other a three tonne pantech , that's an easy choice..
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  10. You mean like this... vietnam-traffic-jam.
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  11. And you know what, they'll all pull away just fine!
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  12. I will always wherever possible pull in front of one of the vehicles which then prevents them trying to drag you on the Green.
    If you sit in the middle, you are hoping that the vehicle either side of you will wait for you to jump before they take off, and that doesn't always happen. Some drivers will think, "well I'm in my lane and that bike is in no mans land so as soon as that light turns Green I'm going to stomp on the gas". They do it without consideration for what might happen if all 3 of you move together.
    If you pull in front of one vehicle while the light is Red, they have to deliberately mow you down to try and beat you, and whilst not impossible, it is far less likely than them gassing it while you play chicken in the middle.
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  13. I would seriously hate to be in a car in that situation.
  14. I expect everyone to start moving together... I'm not sure why people think that everyone moving off at the same mark is such a big thing. 9999 out of 10000 you'll pass through before they're doing 10km/h. And that 1 rare moment you've pulled up next to 2 Bugatti's you throttle off and slot in behind them no troubles.

    If I expected people to stop and wait for me to go I wouldn't filter. Its just plain pushing in.
  15. Can you spot the non-scooter rider and the lady on a scooter using her mobile phone?
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  16. FWIW illegal and all for me as a poobie...I go to the very front when I can and take off like a startled rat and ride like I own the lane otherwise if I am sort of between two cars at the front and I suss out which one is most likely to give me grief and take off almost down the middle still for a few metres then get in the lane of the car that is the slower...if not I just gas her up and then pick which ever lane I like...;)
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  17. And if they hit you from behind, it's their fault!
  18. and your death? :)

    first you should go BAM on the throttle, then BAM into 2nd... BAM BAM, problem solved :p
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  19. I like it!
  20. And where's Wally?
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