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When you buy Draggins!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Sit on a bike to check the leg length!

    Mine fit perfect and were the perfect length while standing and bending my legs up as if riding, but as soon as an actual fuel tank lifts the crotch up; the leg length is too short to cover my ankles properly.

    Don't make the same mistake I did.

  2. Hmmm The good folks at Draggin in South Melbourne insisted that I "assume the position" before marking the cargos for alteration.
  3. Yeah, I crouched, lifted, bent, spread and twisted my legs to try to simulate how they would fit when on the bike, but alas it wasn't good enough :(
  4. Yeah, i'm 6 ft 4 and when i ordered my draggin 'chinos' i got them about 4 inches longer than standard! They really are too long when i'm walking around but are perfet on the bike. If i'm wearing them all day i just roll them up a couple inches inside each leg.
  5. So you can custom order direct from Draggin Jeans then, and have them delivered premodified?
  6. ankles? What about the boots?
  7. Errr, at the moment when riding I am Captain Sneakers :roll:
  8. I hope you don't make a habit of assuming the position when buying stuff ;)

    My draggins are a few inches too long when walking, but on bike they are perfect.
  9. Spend $150 on some Rossi visions. They're great under draggins 'cause they're comfy enough to walk around in all day and they look fine under jeans or cargos.
  10. Do they squeak really loudly when you walk?
  11. Probably not as much as ankles crunch when crushed. :grin:
  12. 1. Whether one assumes the position or not, you can still get reamed by a number of retailers in the industry :evil:
    2. Elementary my dear Scottatron, they have that name 'cause they're draggin on the ground :shock:
  13. Oh crunching is ok, it's just high pitched squeaking sounds I can't stand.
    Polystyrene rubbing against itself? I can't STAND that.

  14. What sort of ankle protection do they offer?
  15. yep.
    just ring em up and they'll do whatever mods you like.
    I just told them i was a tall bugger and he said no worries i'll get them to whip up a pair with longer legs.
    i think the cost was slightly more, but nothing to worry about. Worth it to get the right fit.
  16. Being a tall bugger, when I bought a pair of draggin camos at the Sydney Motorcycle show, the draggin staff offered to add 3 inches to the total length, as well as 3 inches to the kevlar at the knees for no cost. The only downside is that I have to wait up to 3 weeks for them to do the change and mail it to me rather than walk away with a pair.
  17. the draggin' dept at Peter Stevens happened to have a bran' spankin' new F4i on a stand in the middle of the floor - so i 'assumed the position' on their bike to test my draggins. perfect :grin:
  18. Unfortunately most consumers do, particularly when buying cars or bikes...
  19. The Michael Jackson hand on crotch and lift position?