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When work is running your life..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Blue14, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. I will admit i am a manager, but its become apparent that work is just controlling what i do and how i feel. My days can sometimes be a normal 9 hr day and then there are the real manager days, 11 - 12 hrs. And even when i am at home i am finding myself continually thinking about work. How many of you have this same issue, and besides riding what other things do you do to take it off your mind.

  2. Internet Forums :p

    Seriously though, it's no fun sacrificing too much for your job. I've never seen any job titles on tombstones or heard any Eulogys detailing how many hours of unpaid overtime someone did.

    It's all about balance and finding something to even out the troughs of work. Sure do the 11-12 hour days, but try and do something for those special in your life by leaving early another day.

    Apart from bike riding, find another hobby, something you've always wanted to do but never got around to it.
  3. Man you sound tragic.

    I think you need a good r()()t :grin:

    I too am a manager and manage 6 staff members, once I'm home, the "off" switch comes on and I think of Fleur for the rest of the day ;)

    I do other things like, moderate this, answer the "I can't log in" emails, make some jigsaws/mugs, feed and watch my fish and now I jump on the push bike and go for a peddle.
  4. So you got no woman? :shock:

    Daaam.. :(

  5. Blue, welcome to my olde world, I've just had almost 10 weeks off with a health issue, one serious enough to make me reconsider my lifestyle and my work ethic.

    I haven't found the answer to your question yet, but I am still working on it, I no longer wake up thinking of work or sit in front of the box with thoughts of tomorrows problems running around in my head.

    I do know one thing, I will never again drop back into that regime of letting work control my life.

    Thats why I changed my sig...

    Good luck with it ..
  6. I can't tell you how alleviate the problem with your present job, but I CAN offer one piece of advice. Just because you're a manager, don't fall for the ego-driven idea of quitting and starting your own business; you will never see the sun again, if the experiences of many friends and acquaintances is any guide. Your present job might be the question, but your own business ain't the answer...
  7. i am a 50hr a week worked on 5 days.

    but recently ive dropped a shift. ive restructured my shifts aswell. still working 7:30-5:30 but now work

    week 1


    week 2

    MONDAY TUESDAY wednesday off THURSDAY FRIDAY saturday off sunday off

    still pull close to 90 hrs a fortnight, but now so much more relaxed. never work longer than 3 days in a row.

    it got bad at the work place christmas show where i told my General Manager to go fcuk himself. and a whole lot more. after that i realised working 50 hrs a week for 5yrs with out too much of a break at all was bad and i was destroying who i was. so i made the cuts and restructured my shifts in a more beneficial way.

    good luck with it.
  8. It doesn't have to be like that Paul...

    sure it can be stressful and stuff can make you lose sleep and worry all night, and staff can drive you crazy, and customers can drive you crazy, and suppliers can drive you crazy, and government regulators can drive you crazy... and umm... never mind ok :LOL:

    *goes back to his desk*
  9. I was in a simular situation. I started getting strange feelings in my chest an left arm and then one night at home I got so worked up about work that my heart started racing and I thought I was going to die. To cut a long story short I didn't die. I got such a shock I end up with nightly tremors and nightmares. I was very close to quitting my job. But I thought if I did that I would never work again. So I toughed it out and then one day it finally dawned on me. nobody else in work was worrying about anything and then I realised that they didn't have to. I was making sure that there lives was stress free. I had everything covered for them.

    So then I stopped worrying about work. I stopped doing the extra hours. I stoped fixing other peoples issues and concentrated on my own. I stopped pre-empting every problem. Now I let some of them happen and deal with them then. I have also sorted out my finances so that if I want to quit my job I can. I have regained control again. My new hobby is thinking about what I want to do next and making it happen. And its happening.

    A couple of Quick fixes I have found are Over Seas travel planning (and doing) and jigsaws(1000 pieces at least). Great for getting your mind off work.

    Remember, You are your number one priority.
  10. Apologies for the hijack.....

    Sorry Paul, but just cause that's what you've seen, doesn't mean it's right :wink:

    Despite having to work some evenings seeing clients, I have much more time off now than I ever did working for the man during the day. It takes some time in the business, obviously plenty of effort and good staff, but there is no issue in taking one day a fortnight off to ride - the office runs it self most of the time anyway. I guess it just depends on the business you choose to work in.

    Here endeth the hijack
  11. It's not the work that annoys me, but the stupidity and laziness that I am surrounded by.

    I am a construction site manager in Sydney and what keeps me awake at night is the lack of details from lazy architects and engineers which are constantly leaving it to site.

    I can literally spends hundreds of thousands of developers money without any details at all and that can be a real worry.

    On top of that, I have to deal with ALL aspects of building and do not have the luxury of focussing on one task. On top of that, I have to babysit the trades and hold their hands. (but that is my real job!!)

    I used to have the physical image of as soon as the padlock on the gate is snapped shut, my day is over.

    However, as I have aged and the industry has gain so much pace and "cut thoat attitude" I am finding myself waking during the night with what turns out to be stupid thoughts.

    It is so easy for people to say "just switch off", but you can't stop the brain as easy as that.

    I have tried all sorts of methods (including legal drugs :LOL: ) and am yet to find a remedy.

    Changing jobs is not an option as this same situation is repeated throughout the industry and at this age, it is all I know (and the family needs the money :) )

    I have MANY activities outside work and I know the theory of why worry as no one else is, but in my case, I'm it!!

    If anyone has techniquies etc to get a good nights sleep, please post away or PM me.


  12. Heya :) First things first. You need to give yourself permission to stop thinking & doing the work, so here is a magic word - delegate. Yes delegate some of the tasks/jobs etc to other staff so that your tasks, hours, thoughts & responsibilities are within copable boundaries for you. I say this having been where you are except my days were 14hrs x 7days x 30+ staff and over quite some time/too long. Result = burnout, stress, anxiety & panic attacks & trust me you dont want to go there. I only wish someone imparted these words to me before my experiences as I thought that as a manager I should lead by example, be responsible, could handle it all / was invincible & all that shite! Funny how now when I look back at it I see a totally different picture, I was taken advantage of, not supported & deliberately cornered into the final result & I dont want to see the same for you.

    Businesses grow, obviously this one has, which is why further hours are required or you have totally goofy staff :LOL:. Managing is all about the effective use of staff & tasks for workflow, so hire additional staff if you have to, they can be permanent, casual or part timers to assist in those high volume periods. Utilise outside services ie: accountants or whatever if that also helps. Give further responsibilities to others so they can increase their own skill set, or send some out on training courses so that they can. Some staff may be hesitant but others might relish the opportunity to spread their wings & learn, remember one day you will either leave or retire so training someone to take your place is not a bad thing, plus then you can also have a holiday! Delegating is not a weakness, it is simply the ability to recognise, organise & prioritise which is what managers do best. By lightening your workload, you will reduce your thought processes about work which will then give you the ability to "switch off" and enjoy your time away.

    In the mid term, try to set & stick by a specific time period where you are in work mode, ie: regulate your hours even if this means setting an alarm clock to reinforce to you that your job for the day is done & leave. I know it sounds hard as you might feel you are in the middle of something, but really you have to recognise that you have done what you are paid for on that day & the building will be there tomorrow so a fresh day & fresh brain may get the tasks done quicker than continually hanging around.

    To help take your mind off work, before leaving in the morning, set yourself a target that you would like to do before the end of the day ie: dinner with family, soak in bath & listen to favourite cd, see movie or whatever ! When the alarm goes off, that is your reminder that your personal goals for the day, the living part of life is waiting, so go do it !
  14. Blue - go hire American Beauty and watch it.
  15. That's spot on! I told the boss where to put his job about 9yrs ago and I wouldn't do it any other way if I had my time over. Sure my business became consuming, so I planned for the exit. Sold the business, did what i wanted for about 18mths and now have started another business. What you must do is consider the crieria that you wish to work by. I wanted these things and I have found them doing what I am now.

    -Independence, nobody to answer to except myself (coz I am a great boss!)
    -ability to not work at any given time, just because I don't feel like it. Be that at a days notice or an hours notice so i can go for a ride on a nice day.
    -financial ability to make decent money if I want to or to make play money if that's all I need.

    Make yourself a list of what you want out of a job and GO AND FIND IT!, whether it be still as an employee or self employed will depend on your list, but be assured, the job is out there, you need only look for it. It may not be available today or for months, but it is there.

    Good Luck :grin:
  16. Ktulu's advice aint bad as a seed planter and immeadiate quick fix-I believe prozac is the medical equivalent,and my advice to you on youre "Im bored with riding"thread still stands with the sex on the bike.

    You sound frustrated with everything because work is impinging upon your whole being, were it is now starting to fracture your personality in ways that can have serious detrimental psycholgical and then physical effects. Keep going and its highly likely youre going to get sick.
    Sounds to me that you just need to unplug. You believe that the place cannot run without you, guess what, it can :grin: You are working to live. Might I suggest sitting quietly, stepping outside yourself, and just watching in a snapshot here and there, your daily interaction with your fellow human beings in the workplace and then after work. Watch what effects you and what doesnt, the triggers. Learning to meditate will be extremely beneficial too.But thats just my opinion.

    Whenever I have gotten to that stage you sound youre at, I book an airline ticket and go to a nice chilled country like Thailand, were the whole underlying theme of the culture is "mai pen rai"-take it easy mate.
    its either that or a heart attack.
  17. "No worries" is slightly closer... but you also need to use:

    "Sawati krup" = greetings.
    "Sah bai dee mai" = are you well?
    "Tar eye" = how much?
    "Mai ow" = don't want.
    "Mai chop" = don't like.
    "Pet mai" = spicy?
    "Rhon mai" = hot?

    ... and one you'll use a lot

    "Koo suay mah" = You are very beautiful :grin:
  18. Used to manage a (small) department in a largish company: earned good money for a while, but worked 90-100 hours a week for it, got the sh!t for everyone elses f*ckups, had snipers taking potshots all the time. Got out and took a lesser job.
    Big mistake.
    Prospective employers look at you like your insane. Recruitment people tell you they're looking for "forward movers", not backtrackers. Seriously, I would have been 100 times better off screwing up and getting sacked - at least people can understand that. They just don't get why you would NOT trample over everyone including your own family to get to the top.
    I honestly think you're better off just slacking a bit. You'll find that surprisingly, someone else just takes it up. People get grumpy but they get on with it. Sounds to me like your doing other peoples jobs. As long as it gets done your employer isn't going to change anything, are they? If it starts costing them money - maybe they will.
    Maybe your industry is different, I dunno.

    So... (hijack) ... has anyone successfully migrated to an entirely different field where they had no experience???
  19. Been there .. done that .. not recommended .. it pharg'n hurts :shock:
  20. POINT 1: there's nothing wrong with doing long hours for a period of time if it's achieving some longer-term personal goal eg giving you the experience or skills that you need to get a different dream job later.... but keep the goal in mind so you can keep your spirits up.

    POINT 2:
    triway is absolutely right. the clearer picture you have of what you'd ideally like the quicker it will become reality in your life.

    POINT 3:

    POINT 4: know your limitations. if it's really causing you undue stress and you're at breaking point, leave. the economy's strong. there's plenty out there.