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when will k9 gixxer hit the street?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OG, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Basically because it is getting closer to the end of the year i would love to know generally when the next gixxer series comes out?

    i assume they do their update to the range same time every year.

    i and what would be the best time of year to get a good deal on a k8?

    basically i will end up getting a k8 unless the k9 is a major refresh so it would be great to know then the drop in price of k8 would be expected.
  2. Don't ask us, ask your local suzuki Dealer.
  3. they "refresh" the gixxer thou every 2 years. it's due for an update for 09.
  4. sorry , i guess i am really asking is there any reason to hold off buying for 3-4 months.

    unless you think there will be a price drop or a new model i may aswell get it now
  5. I bought a k8 1000 about 2 months ago. Wanted a bike now and wasn't prepared to wait around for the release of the k9.

    Theres dealers out there willing to do good deals.

    The rumors going around that the k9 will be an all new model,will have to wait and see.
  6. yeah have heard the same thing following there cycle 9 will be all new not a refresh

    when could you first buy the 08 model? what month?
  7. Irrelevant to the release of the K9. The 08 was just a color change basically and was seen around the last qtr of last year. A completely new bike will be revealed to the world at the big bike shows, Paris etc around October, but don't expect the bike to be in showrooms until March '09 at the earliest. :cry:

    Please God, send me some patience, I'm being tempted by a Honda............. :oops:
  8. I'll be upgrading around the end of November.. I'm really hoping to get the black and orange gsxr750, though I am worried that they're going to release the new ones really soon after that..

    but then I don't wanna ride my cbr125r for another 3 months while I wait.. gah! oh well maybe I can get a cheap k8 :)
  9. Don't be surprised if the new colors are already out by November for the 750.
  10. I wouldn't mind if the brand new ones were out by Nov. It's just a little annoying if i'm in that period in between where the K8 is almost end of life but still not cheaper yet and K9 is a few months away. :)
  11. This is what it is supposed to look like.

  12. Damn. that looks amazing. Hope they're out by december!
  13. Shame(or not) that it's just some photoshop off the net and probably bares no resemblance to the real deal.
  14. Just picked up a gsxr600 k8 today for 14000 ride away, doesnt take much to get to 60 :p Needless to say i am very happy the k8 improvements are horn.
  15. Tell me about it im waiting soo bad. Right now mate is the best time to get an 08 Gixxer, now after financial year they're getting rid of them pretty cheaply, some people are getting them at great prices. Im like you and want a bike now but il wait.

    And according to a Suzuki dealer in Wollongong, they hear the K9 is only gonna have different paint schemes. I dont believe them but, they prob just want to sell me the sexy K8 1000 in showroom.

    It should be different and better, Gixxer was king in 07, unchanged for K8 model except colour changes, and thats why Honda's completely revised CBR1000RR is this years best sportsbike, so i'd say Suzuki will be back to take glory next year :grin:

    And that pictures is a dodgy photoshop, check out tail end, its not cleaned up and rough, looks shiet too and similar to earlier 2000 models front.

  16. it's fake