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when will I ride again?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by redrocket, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Yow!!! here's the 5 day forecast where i live:

    Currently 42
    tomorrow 43
    Saturday 42
    Sunday 43
    Monday 40

    I'm gonna go CRAZY!!! NRRGGHHAAAAHHHHHH!!! Wwwooooweeeeaaahh!!
    :shock: :shock:
  2. Yeah it's gonna be mental hot in Melbourne this weekend too.

    Note to self: watch where the sidestand goes!
  3. You could always ride at night.
  4. i LOVE riding at night after a fricking hot day.
  5. blouse, thats perfect riding weather :D
  6. what about the side stand?

    I intend to have a ride in the heat, no choice its the weekend if i dont ride in the heat cant ride, aalso ride in the cool evening will be nice.
  7. The side stand issue is that in hot weather the side stand can sink into the pavement and then the bike falls over. Which is of course a very nasty thing. Thank goodness I have a centre stand.

    Riding in the evening is very nice. The heat has gone out of the sun and you can still see pretty well.
  8. bitumen or tar has a tendancy to get soft when it's really hot.

    scenario: you park your bike as per usual but as you walk off you fail to notice the side stand sinking into the pavement. next thing you hear is the sound of levers and indicators snapping :?
  9. When its hot tarmac goes all soft, bike on sidestand on melty tarmac could end up with bike on side on melty tarmac, melty tarmac all over bike.

    No fun.
  10. which causes your entire bike to sink into the ground up to around the tank area.

    hey it COULD happen!!! :shock:
  11. Riding at night, after an fabulously hot day is my most fav time. :grin:

    You can keep the hot day riding, dont feel like fainting whilst holding a bike upright :shock:
  12. Have to agree,

    p.s. sorry to the neighbors about the noise as I took off around midnight last night. :LOL:
  13. Once you get up in the mountians it's nice and cool even today. It's the trip to there and back that is the killer...

    But i have to agree with P.A. nothing beats nighttime riding after a hot day :)
  14. Yes I love an evening ride after a hot day too...seems to be a nice atmosphere about that time and its so peaceful, and cool :)

    Frickin showers here are driving me nuts! everytime I think its cleared up and I might go for a ride it starts raining :roll: and yeah I ride in the rain, but I've just cleaned the bike so would prefer not to at the minute.
  15. In melb from bom.gov.au:

    Chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Min 19 Max 35

    Fine. Min 21 Max 33

    Fine. Late change. Min 23 Max 41

    Trend for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

    Warm and unsettled.

    Might drive the car to the beach, I don't wanna ride squid.
  16. Its not only the sidestand issue on hot soft bitumen, I have found you also have to watch those patches of road mend, that sort of black snaky gluey stuff they use to mend cracks in the road with. Several years ago, a friend and I were riding back into the city on a stinking hot day - full leathers and feeling rather faint. Put my feet down at a set of red lights, went to pick right foot up to put it onto peg as lights were about to change to find I couldn't!! Foot stuck firmly to the ground, much wrenching of foot ensued, didn't want to free up! Panic setting in, cars tooting as light now well and truly geen, eventually wrenched foot free and it came up with a great lump of road stuck to it! So watch out, its not only the oil and grease and other stuff you have to worry about its sodding road mend patches as well on hot days!
  17. As far as the side stand goes, flatten out a soft drink can and carry it in your pocket (or where ever) and slip it under your stand when you're parked... :LOL:

    Unless you've got a really heavy bike then it speads the load and you shouldn't sink in...
  18. I carry a block of wood & use that :grin:
  19. I was gonna do that Blue Ribbon ride thingy this sunday as havent really ridden with other bikes much before and wanted the practice and for once I actually got the day right and was gonna make it to the ride...(used to be lone rider until I found this place)...Now having major doubts about jumping on the bike on sunday in 41 degree heat

    Should I do it or leave it til another time....???
  20. Come along, looks like the heat will keep a few people away, so you wont have to worry about too many bikes! Just bring ALOT of bottled water and a hat. See how you feel Sunday morning anyway.