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When will i learn?...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mik84, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Once again ive let my laziness cost me... this time me helmet :(

    Was on the way home from work and decided to quickly stop and grab some milk and bread. Made the mistake of leavin me helmet and backpack next to the bike and ran in to the shop. Came out less than 5 mins later and me helmet and bag were gone. Luckily i had nothin in the bag at the time so it cost me a helmet.

    Had to go and buy a cheap one to get around with until i can afford a good one, which is annoying cause im short of cash right now.

    Youd think after having me car knocked off last year with all my good riding gear in it id be a bit more careful...

    Well anyways, im an idiot. On the upside though i eventually got the call from old mateys insurance company so i can get me bike fixed as soon as i can book it in :)
  2. I'd say you'd learn about.....now ;)
    A shame we live in a world packed with animals.
  3. Was it a good helmet?

    man i leave my helmet un attented at times cause its been knocked around more than a *****

    But i did go down to bunnings and buy me a 15 dollar bike lock that i keep under the seat so i can ride squid to the city. Lock my helmet and look decent.
  4. Jeez Mik thats bad luck. Where were the shops you stopped at? Any CCTV?
  5. You know it's going to be a non rider that stole it as well.

    Moto GP and WSBK I left my helmet on my bike for a day and when I came back it was still there.
  6. Damnn i hate thieves :(
  7. Nah dude it was only a KBC vr1 i picked up when me other one got nicked but its still a fcuk around cause instead of saving to buy a good one like i wanted to i had to buy a shitty 150 buck agv one...

    Thinking back though it was funny as fcuk the looks i got when i rode to the bike shop in shorts, singlet, thongs and no helmet :LOL: (Please no lectures :roll: , i was pissed off and i didnt have me phone with me so i just rode straight there)
  8. That is some bad luck :(

    I leave my helmet on the footpegs when I am out riding on the weekends... Now I think I will be taking it with me
  9. Mate that is crap. Bad luck !! Shouldnt have to put up with such low life scumbags like that.
  10. i usually take my helemt with me everywhere i go
    and if not ill lock in on the bike...
    bad luck though man no one deserve to get there stuff stolen.. :evil:
  11. bastards stealing from others
  12. That's horrid. I get worried enough when I leave my helmet on my bike during coffee night!
  13. Who else would they steal from?

    But yeah I agree. Bastards. The sooner we have laws to say you can use reasonable force to defend property the better
  14. You *can* use reasonable force to defend property.

  15. its that shit hole sydney , just leave it and go to another place ( civillised one)
    ACT not included :)
  16. dickweeds i swear. only to use it for drugs also. should walk around the shops if there trying to sell it. they do that. i lock mine in under my deat or take it eith me if i go lil ride to shops which is only what i can do
  17. Tell me about it...

    If only it was that easy though. Ive been trying to get a posting to anywhere away from here for the last 2 years!