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When to sell your ride??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Crotch rocket, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. I love my gixer, best bike I've ever owned. It's a 2008 gsxr 750 with the black and lava orange colour scheme.I brought it just over 2 yrs ago with 2500 kms on the clock.. Spent a bit of money on it to make it look, sound and go just the way I wanted it to..
    My dilema is that over the last couple yrs, I've put on almost 30 000 kms on the clock and am thinking as far as resale value goes, is it wise to sell sooner rather than later, and up grade to something newer, or keep riding regardless as I love my bike and would be disappointed if my next bike isn't as good as my gixer.
    I do keep it in as new condition as anyone possibly could cleaning it almost after every couple of rides... Have people come up and ask me if it's the latest model all the time and they are usually shocked to find out it seven yrs old.. It's spotless.. Not a mark on it anywhere. Hopefully if I keep it a little longer, this should help me get a better price for it when I do decide to sell it..
    I suppose I want to know what some of you would do in me position... Do I sell it now, or keep it a little longer regardless of the kms that seem to accumulate ever so quickly???

  2. keep riding it
    ive got 80k on my 10 Daytona
    gona keep riding it till hell freezes over
    or they bring out a 800
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  3. Just buy a second hand speedo off ebay showing 7000k's for $250 ................... like everyone else does ;)
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  4. Keep it if you love it.
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  5. Being in good aesthetic condition will certainly assist in its sale, it may not translate to extra price. The same argument applies for personal modifications, you may not get money back for them but they should assist in an early sale. Rule of thumb is 7000km/annum so your bike is still low for its age. They seem to be approximately $7000 median on the market at the moment.

    I would say, if you love it, if it still excites you and it is not getting mechanically cranky and then keep it on the understanding you will probably be dropping an estimated $500/year in value from here on in.

    The other side of the coin is, has something else caught your eye, do you have a hankering after a young thing sending its siren call to you. Does your heart skip a beat when you see this other bike? If so work out your finances based on a possible resale of your current bike and go for it.

    Probably doesn't help but my 2 cents anyway. (y)
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  6. If you're actually thinking of upgrading I would probably think about selling soonish
    However, if you love yer ride, then just keep riding it till ya don't. My bike is almost vintage at its 1986 build, but right now I love it and haven't even thought about getting something else:sneaky:
  7. The things on its last legs mate, I'll give u $2k for it
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  8. You forgot to add..................... "and you should be grateful for my generosity" :)
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  9. Well there you go, didn't know that was even a possibility, learn something new everyday... Just don't know if I could do that to someone else... To honest for my own good. Doesn't pay to be honest, that's forsure.. But thanks for opening my eyes to another option altogether.. Thanks, I'll think that one over..
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  10. Hilarious... Hope your parachute fails...

    Just kidding bud
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  11. Guilt and dollars Mate............ hand in hand.
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  12. 2 bikes at once!

    sounds like an ad for
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  13. Surely you'd just be taking that for a test ride?
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  14. If you love it and are getting 15,000k's a year of fun out of it... ride it into the ground :D
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  15. #15 oldcorollas, Aug 30, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2015
    yer for sure, that is great advice :).. if you have one bike you love, keep test riding other bikes until you find one better (or younger ;) )

    or.. there will be plenty of gixers not ridden as much as yours... put 50Kkm on it, then buy a younger version :)
  16. Your 2 cents worth is worth a whole lot more than just 2 cents... Some great advice right there.. Thanks for you response..
  17. You talk a lot of sense for a Sunday evening oldcorollasoldcorollas

    I may regress back into infinite twaddle talk now.
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  18. Cheers mate... I'll keep riding it for now I think.
  19. A bikes personal value far surpasses it's monetary value, if you still love it, keep it.
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  20. At 30Mm the big devalue has already happened. If you were worried about resale you need to get rid of it in the mid 20s.

    So now that it's already had the big hit, and you are enjoying it, you may as well ride it for a couple more years.
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