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When to replace helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by James H, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. So was just wondering how often you should be replacing your helmet due to general use, not including crashes or anything like that. Just day to day riding :)

  2. General consensus seems to be every 5 years. Mine is a little older, and is starting to get loose. I need a new lid. :(
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  3. Thanks for the fast reply! Only problem is how expensive a decent one is haha so much money on gear :(
  4. I hear you there, but a good hemet is the best thing going Id guess!
  5. Look at crash.org.au Some of the expensive ones are not the best, and some of the best ones are not very expensive.
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  6. Right after you drop it on the ground (don't ask).
  7. Argh again with the nonsense! 5 years or when you get sick of it, the solution to expensive lids thing is to only buy helmets on sale.
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  8. Ok, fair enough. My somewhat flippant remark may have been misleading but true. My helmet was damaged so I'm replacing it.
  9. I'm sure I read somewhere that helmet manufacturers recommend every 6 months! :bag: Or that could be something that I completely made up 3:)

    But seriously, as middomiddo said, http://www.crash.org.au/

    One of the doyens of NR (I can't remember who) said the most important thing (after being an approved helmet) is fit. He was very grateful he had a HJC head! Meaning it was approved, it fit him and it was a reasonably priced helmet.

    Bad luck for you if the only one that fits is the Shoei X-12 Marc Marquez special :) (unless you like spending $1,000 on a helmet!)
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  10. Other than when the helmet has had an impact or sustained damage the life span seems to be based on normal wear and tear, not age.

    AS 1698-2006 (+A4)
    Section 9 (i)
    The helmet has a limited lifespan in use and should be replaced when it shows obvious signs of wear, e.g. change of fit, cracks, rust or fraying.
  11. I've never heard of 6 months. You may have made it up....... ;-)

    It's always been 5 years or damage/crash/deterioration etc etc
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  12. Replace it when it feels 'loose' ...
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  13. hmmm maybe time to get a new wife
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  14. Not funny - a Kabuto Aeroblade III or a Shoei (X1100 in my case) are the only things that fit properly for me.
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  15. Thanks guys, maybe l should think about upgrading my 1994 helmet. :) l did not know the '5 year' rule of thumb recommendation, l've always just gone with the 'when it's buggered' or been in a decent prang theory.
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  16. Ahh... yeah 1994 is more than a good run from a helmet so I'd be replacing that post haste.
    Even if the outer shell is in pristine condition foam degrades over time. How fast this occurs is not a set formula as it can vary depending on various factors. Salt from your sweat for example can accelerate deterioration along with heat.
    Foam degradation will influence the overall fit. Try on a new helmet that is the right size and the first thing you'll say to yourself is "wow, that's too tight" as you're comparing it to well used piece of equipment that's over 20 years old.

    Good luck
  17. Mine is a 2009 model,guess where my tax return is going .
  18. For some reason I had 10 years stuck in my head. Lucky mine has barely been used till recently. But guess I'll be going to buy a new lid next week.
  19. Being more serious than before. I will probably change mine each year because I get bored easily.
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  20. Crikey, they have built in sun visors now? I'm long overdue.