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When to get new tyres?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by patske, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    When I bought my bike the bloke told me the rear was about 3/4 through I've been riding it for a week or so, and I don't know what to look for in terms of how worn the tyre is so I don't know when I will need a new one. What should I be looking for?

  2. Your local RTA web site will give you the exact details, but, as a rule of thumb, the tread at the shallowest part needs to be able to have a match head's depth.
  3. when its as smooth as a babies bum or cracked like an old womans skin then replace it.
  4. Your tyres should also have tread depth markers,they are raised little bumps in between your tread,when the tyre surface is level with these its usually a good time to get new 'uns. :wink: 8)
  5. wise, wise words there.

    i was gonna say 'when they're shagged' :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Get the best one that you can afford ASAP. Tyres are the most important part of a motorcycle.

    I rather spend an extra $50.00 to get the top notch / sticky tyres then risk my life on trying to save a few $$$.
  7. So right, Uzz
    It's too late to think, "Damn I should have bought that tyre." when you're sliding down the bitumen on your back.

  8. Power Slides :D :D
  9. RC36, ouch sorry to hear that.

    Replacement blinkers alone cost more that the $$$ you try to save on tyres.

    Imagine the cost of replacement fairings and the most priceless part is your ego.

    As soon as you wear down the tyres to the tread wear marker, change the tyres ASAP.

    Its just not worth it.
  10. Mine are way past the tread maker and the sides are chewed up . It still grips.
  11. Midnight, your gutsy, if you get pulled over you'll get a defect and fine, not worth it mate.
  12. No wonder across riders are the butt of all bike jokes around here. :LOL:
  13. Stuff that for a laugh, I'll wait for mine to wear up and then get the toppiest notchiest of the bunchiest!!

    What's tha best stuff (rear tyre first I'll do the front when that bugger wears down) for a fzr250? brands I mean
  14. Go get yourself some of the stock sized Arrowmax's.
    They're about the bog standard 2fiddy tyre; heat up with minimal effort, grip fairly well (as long as their scrubbed in and warmed up), and have a decent life to them. Should be able to get about 10k kms out of a rear if your balancing your commuting and weekend blats.

    edit: I hear that GPX riders can make them last up to 15k kms. :p
  15. Ahh, but sticky tyres have the unfortunate habit of sliding all over the place in the rain.

    So if you're commuting, you got to go for the mix. If you only ride in good weather, go the stickies.

    Also stickies wear away a little faster.
  16. I was discussing tyre wear with a couple of the litre+ boys, and they were complimenting a particular brand of tyre that given their spirited riding would make it to 4000km's for a rear! Stickies wear VERY quickly combined with a heavy right wrist.

    edit: My speeling is terrible today :D
  17. That's only true in VERY heavy rain when the minimal tread area on some designs exposes you to aquaplaning in standing (pooled) water. A sticky compound will still have more grip in conditions where the surface is just "greasy". The catch is, that grip decreases more dramatically in colder conditions than a hard compound and it can catch you out if you rely on the level of grip your used to.

    Also, look at the shape of the tyre as well as the tread depth. If it's significantly squared off at the rear, it's cactus. Look for "scalloping" (concave shaping of the raised blocks between treads) on the front, as a sign it's past it.
  18. Shutup you!

    Actually it's a good point you make - my rear Arrowmax tyre we were examining on the weekend has just gone 10,000km old, and clearly has a bit of life left. 15,000km is a probably a fair bet, jokes aside. :p
  19. When I first got my bike, I bought a Haymes manual and read that the minimum tread depth was 2mm. It mentioned a special tread gauge and I bought one. I've found it very useful over the years. I 'm aware of the markers in the tread, but this tool gives me an idea of how far away I am from that.
    In the beginnig I went with harder, longer wearing compounds. With more experience and the development of cornering skills, I now tend towards the softer compound tyres preferring grip over long wearing ability. :)
  20. What opinions do you guys have on your current tyres?

    I see the Arrowmax sounds like a good tyre for a two fiddy.
    What about the bigger bikes? Findings/ Recommendations?