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When to act dumb...!!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Seymourbabe, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Driving along in traffic in the olden days (early twenties) when the car behind was pushing me off at the lights..... when suddenly he had red and blue lights flashing at me...!!!

    Whoops, I pull over and get out of my little 70's Hillman Hunter (with shiny maggs and sports steering wheel), what a dream car....!

    "What's your name" he asks "which one" I answered "the one on my licence or the one I have now".....!

    "What's your address" he asks "which one" I answered "the one on my licence or the one I have now".....!

    "What's your birthday or have you changed that as well"

    While this was happening his co partner was checking the registration and to his surprise the colour of the car didn't look quite right... yep you guessed it... registered as GREEN and was clearly BLUE whoops another thing I forgot to change... and yep it was easier to say "Don't let us see you around here than get writers cramp..... as I jumped back into my 70' HH, I thought to myself "I wonder what he would have said if I told him my speedo didn't work.... mmmmmm

    Try the same stuff now.... don't think so.....hehehe!!
  2. you dont have to notify the RTA if you change the colour of your car, and your speedo doesnt have to work to pass a roadworthy (pinkslip) but it will help you avoid those pesky speeding tickets (hell reverse lights dont even have to work for a pinkslip lols - its not actually a listed check)

    I worked in a caryard for 5 years, sometimes we would have sedans which were listed on the rego papers as wagons etc. One time I even had a falcon with a Vin number listed on the rego papers from a commodore (ie began with 6H8VSK should of been somthing like 6FPAAA....)

    The system is a farce lols
  3. VS Comm to be exact :p But yeah there are some pretty dodgy stuff with rego papers and pink slips, not sure what state you're in, but in NSW you'll be hard pressed to find some mechanic willing to pass pinkslip without all lights working correctly, regardless of it being on this list or not...
  4. Yep that vins from a VS :)

    Tis easy I tell you with regards the reverse lights! lols (am in NSW)

    I had a hyundai lantra with a buggered reverse switch in the gearbox for about 6years (yup im tite - I hated the car and refused to spend a cent) , 4 different mechanics did pinkslips on it over the years only one tried to fail me for it (the rest just alerted me to it) and the one that failed me, rewrote the slip when I pointed out it wasnt a check and I was uninterested in fixing damage outside of the roadworthy check :) - This was all about 5years ago tho so YMMV if they have changed the wording for the roadworthys

    Funny thing is, it might not be somthing they can fail you on - But the Police would surely defect you for it Im sure!
  5. Speedo hardly mattered on a Hillman Hunter, except if you were travelling downhill...

    For those too young to know, this utterly ordinary piece of 1960s British grey-porridge had one brief flash of glory when, against all odds, it won the first of the great long-distance rallies of recent time, see the gory details here...

  6. hahaah Prawn.... you tight ass :p . It's people like you with your crumby cars that remind me why I despise working on cars :p .
  7. Lols :grin:

    Kinda reminds me to fix the window reg in the current car, been busted for over 12months and would be nice to be able to open the window again lols (might get to it after the crank angle sensor tho, bloody thing refuses to start half the time hahahha)
  8. hahaha, have fun :p
  9. Can I borrow the De Lorean sometime?

    I'd love to try driving along in the early '20's

  10. Paul, speed and Hillman Hunters were mutually exclusive. Not because they were particularly slow, just that they never actually ran long enough to build up a decent speed. :LOL: