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When the RTA sets signs, they don't really think...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ginji, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. or look ahead, I mean really:



    It's an actual sign... on the Hume Highway heading south, near the Picton exit. What the hell were they thinking?

  2. Specially since there are no bends between there and Melbourne :LOL:.
  3. There are bends on the Hume Highway? I hope you reported that faulty sign to them!! :LOL:
  4. I was more thinking of changing it to something like:

    Motorcycle Risk Zone
    Straight roads ahead, take next exit for twisties

  5. it's more to advise motorist that there on going to be alot of bikes on the road especially around roads with plenty of bends not the hume hwy, just there as a warning, got the bikes that are still making their way back from phillip island, and soon its starts all over again with the masses heading to the snowy ride then home again
  6. Well technically where the sign was, if you kept going straight, you would go off the road...after about 1km...no corner is too deadly if you're on a bike :p
  7. The RTA are better at it than McDonalds....


    :LOL: :oops:
  8. There was 100kph zone sign outside Maldon (Vic) on a dirt road with lots of loose gravel. All well and good, its a country road after all. Trouble was that not far after the sign the road came up to a slight crest that hid a 90 degree turn immediately behind it.

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  9. It's on the south bound lanes, so it has nothing to do with the GP and it wasn't set before it either, it's only been changed on Friday...
  10. i have driven past that sooo many times, even just in the last few weeks and not even clicked. nice work :LOL: :cool:
  11. That's gold!! :LOL:
  12. they actually have to make formal application to erect these signs. they have to be able to prove statistically or otherwise a worthy reason for the message that is displayed.
    i guess their stats tell a different story to your local knowledge :!:
  13. The sign has been up for some time now, it's just displayed different messages (like for the new L & P plate restrictions, telling people to drive carefully during the big storms we had a few months back etc etc)

    There have been motorcycle accidents before, but not on the hume, just in the more twisty parts of the Wollondilly Shire. The sign is far enough away from the exit that it doesn't seem to be focused as a general warning for motorcyclists entering the WS, the sign is well before the exit is even indicated which implies it's a warning for motorcyclists on the Hume, which doesn't really have bends that are worthy of warning, else it wouldn't be a highway with a 110km/h speed limit.

    Never mind the signs further back that say "Roadworks 10km ahead, slow down" :?
  14. Holy crap, I never noticed that either!!!!
  15. This is why they need to rename Yass to Yarse.

    Christ, that sign has been there for as long as I can remember. I noticed it the first time I saw it, maybe I'm an american deep down... :?
  16. Hey Joel correct me if I'm wrong but a lot of those portable variable message signs can be remotely accessed and you can change the message from a desk somewhere well away from the sign with a suitable PC & modem set up??

    Could this be a case that someone has got their sign locations mixed up sitting at a desk in town somewhere.

    Perhaps there's a sign in the RNP or elsewhere telling riders that speed kills, or Melbourne 700km or similar :LOL:
  17. not the portables, the fixed ones are controlled in a wifi fashion, the portables however are programmed in situ, making it easier to put what you like in :)

  19. Broken Caps key mate?

  20. Negative.

    Caps used to enhance overall sillyness of post.

    Post will be normal if you put it into a "13yo using teh intarwebz English :arrow: English" translator. :)