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When the landing gear is down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by halifax, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. hey guys went to look at bigger bikes last weekend for the sake of it and sat on zx6r's, r6's gsxr's etc. I noticed that when im sitting on them im up on my toes for all these bikes. my question is when your sitting on your bike at lights are you flat footed or up on your toes? is it bad to be up on your toes?

  2. I'm on my toes on my bike...
  3. feet flat on tarmac for me m8.
  4. I'm flat footed.....but then again, I'm a tall bastard on a low cruiser.... :)

  5. Flat footed and can stand up above my seat (have about 2 inch's clearance) to stretch out and see above the cars. Sv650s
  6. Flat footed and able to stand up if I really wanted too, the benefit of owning a bike designed solely for the Japanese market I think :LOL:.
  7. Flat footed and can stand up with a seat height of 79cm on my GS. I'm 178cm tall. I'm more comfortable flat footed. Also be aware that seat width also plays a part in how you reach the ground.

    GSXR 600 is about 82.5cm
    R6 is about 85cm
    ZX6R is about 82mm

  8. Flat footed on Hyosung Aquila
    CBR250 half flat foot
    Tippy toes ZX6
    Tippy toes FZR600
    Not a chance in hell of getting to tippy toes TDM900
  9. ok interesting to see mixed choices. on my spada im flat footed dont think it makes much difference though. strange though i was sitting on 600's with tippy toes and i sat on a 1000 gsxr and was flat footed i wouldv thouht theyd be the same height
  10. Flat footed on the bikes I have ridden.
  11. 1 leg on toes on me 600
    flat feet on me old cbr
  12. I'm bang on 6ft and haven't been on a bike that I cant be flat footed. from 250's up to the gixxer 1000..... wouldn't get on a bike that I cant flat foot.
  13. 6'2" flat foot on everything I have tried so far
  14. I'm 5'7 to 5'7 & a half, Will I have trouble being flat footed on a 600 or 1000cc :?
  15. I am 5' 11" and I am definitely flat footed on mine with inches to clear on the seat when I stand.

    I have only sat on one bike that made me feel vertically challenged and put me on tip toes and that is our classic old Ducati 750GT and that is only because I couldn't get the hang of putting my feet down either in front or behind the pegs, so my legs have to go on the outside of them (so to speak).
  16. Best you steer clear if that is the case, being the main criteria for being accepted into the job.
  17. I reckon the only real issues are when you want to maneouvre the bike around (ie. back up) and can't gain enough traction to push, and sometimes when you need to put your foot down coming to a rest, and the place you want to plant your foot slopes away from you. Especially if it is slippery or gravel, which could result in a topple.
    You can probably plan around it with practice.
    I've been thinking about possibly trading to a bike with a seat height of 865mm. If so, I'll find out the hard way :roll:
  18. That hunny it the reason i don't let you ride my bikes :grin:
    When you can touch the ground i will let you, till then you can look. :LOL:
    Thast what you get for making me do the dishes :p
  19. WTF :roll: :roll: :?:
  20. Toes always being 5.5 never been a problem for the last 28 years :grin: