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when the gear is on.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. this thread is a little from the left field....its just me)

    what has a sniffer dog and a mbike rider got in common?

    i will tell you....i was watching a dog trainer explain that when a sniffer dog has the 'special jacket on' it knows it has a job to do and is not to be played with, patted, cuddled etc like a normal pet.

    when the jacket is off.....its back to being a pet again. can be patted etc.

    when you put your mbike gear on.....what do YOU become?

    casey stoner - sport bike riders
    rebel without a cause - cruiser riders
    delivering mail - honda 110 riders
  2. What do I become when I put on motorbike gear? In summer I become hot and sweaty, in Winter I become warm and toasty.
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  3. Focused
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  4. So, would you more or less focused if you rode your bike without any motorcycle gear?
  5. Incontinent.

    Always need to pee urgently AFTER the helmet, boots and gloves are on.
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  6. I do find I am way way way more cautious if I only wear jeans. Whereas full leather I ride more naturally. I find it comes to feeling. My leathers arw what im comfortable in I know when my body is in the right position. I find jeans to not hold me in the position I want...if you can follow that
  7. I think I follow what your saying, and I'm pretty well the same. Wearing shorts and a t shirt certainly slows me down.
  8. I become a little bit more me than usual.
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  9. As a cruiser rider I become a rebel without a clue.
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  10. let me put it this way. in the hospital i work in.....i know 2
    Anaesthetist consultants. when they dont have the blue scubs on doing what they do in the operating theatres, one does track days with his ducati sport bike and the other just bought the new ZX10-R ABS. when they put thier mbike gear on.....they are sport bike demons. to look at em though, you would NEVER pick it
  11. ...I become awesome...not close enough to be legendary, but happy to be awesome.
  12. who ever takes their gear off? I thought that's what ATGATT meant. Maybe I'm taking it too literally.
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  13. I get what your saying. But I don't 'become' anything different just because I put on a jacket, boots etc. Sure, when I swing my leg over the seat, start the bike, snick it into gear something switches in my brain and I stop thinking about what ever has happened during the day and concentrate on the ride. This happens regardless of what I am wearing.
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  14. its more of a mindset type of thing. when you walk to your cage to drive to the shops etc, not much would be happening in your mind other than get in car buckle up and drive to destination get the shopping and come back.

    what goes thorough your mind when you are putting your gear on, helmet etc, knowing that you going to ride the mbike on your favourite piece of bitumen.

    your no longer just another cager on the road then......a bit more 'emotion' flowing though the system then.
  15. sorry, forgot this


  16. Not much goes through my mind when I'm putting my gear on (assuming I even bother with gear). The mindset changes when I get on the bike and start moving.
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    This is what shits me about other road users. Whether I'm in my cage or on my bike I am focused on the job at hand, that is DRIVING/RIDING. The only time this might get slightly relaxed is on the freeway when it's not too busy. When I put on my race gear and the starter is about to send us off I get Super focused and stay that way for the short time a heat lasts. It's awesome...you feel so totally alive....but at the same time completely calm...

    Kobo :cool:
  18. During my first few years of riding, my riding gear consisted of surplus store paraboots, heavy denim jeans, old style unarmoured leather jacket, gloves and lid. At the time my regular street clothes consisted of surplus store paraboots, heavy denim jeans and an old style unarmoured leather jacket. My work clothes consisted of, you guessed it, surplus store paraboots, heavy denim jeans and the T-shirt of flannie that would have been under the leather had I been wearing it.

    Given that our attitudes tend to be shaped by our early experiences, I don't recognise a difference between wearing riding gear and not wearing riding gear.
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  19. When I put the gear on (especially the brain bucket) I am a rider. My aims vary; to get there (commuting), to improve technique (and get there) if there for fun, and all in between. I guess much the same as any rider.

    Without the gear I am a GOC (clue - G is for Grumpy).

    When I put the gear on (especially the brain bucket) I am a rider. My aims vary; to get there (commuting), to improve technique (and get there) if there for fun, and all in between. I guess much the same as any rider.

    Without the gear I am a GOC (clue - G is for Grumpy).

    And even Grumpier when I see I have duplicated the post.
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  20. Then put your helmet back on ;)
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