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When Taxi drivers revolt ! How are you Melbournians coping ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23621808-2,00.html

    Wow, last nights protest seems to have grown this morning.

    My two cents !!
    I reckon they should include the Hook-Turn law in their demands !
  2. and i reckon they should have set up a bank of claymores next to em. they work well against human waves :p :LOL:
  3. How are we coping in melbourne?

    Fine thanks, we have motorbikes.
  4. Jazz Randyboy?

    Wonder what his porno name is...
  5. :LOL:

    I've thought it for years, now I can finally speak my mind:

    Melbourne's taxi drivers are revolting.
  6. This is the headline from news.com.au "Man-boob mayhem hits Randyboy protest"... priceless
  7. The peasants are revolting.
    No Shit, they stink on Ice

    O.K. On a more serious note, I saw the cops swarming over Clifton Hill yesterday morning.
    I would have thought at least for owner drivers all they would have to do is head up to Sydney and stick in one of those armored driver setups that you guys have.
  8. . . . . sounds more like a Punjabi Bollywood Rapper !
  9. Taxi's are run by private companies making a profit yeah? Not like state run buses (to my knowledge, happy to be corrected).

    So why should the tax payer/government pay for this? Why isn't is the responsibility of the taxi driver?
  10. If only motorcyclists can do the same when those wrb were erected ...
  11. As much as I aren't the biggest fan of cabs drivers (I ride and endlessly see how they consider themselves governed by a different set of roadrules)
    Regardsless, IMO no person deserves to live in fear, :eek:hno: concerned for their safety from the general joe public, while trying to earn a living to pay his bills and feed his family.
    =; And yes before you start, someone like a bouncer or security gaurd, aint comparing apples with the apple cart.
    Sydney cabs have had those bubble boy things for ages, they can do same here if they wanted.
  12. Yeah but no one is stopping them? It's not like there's a law in place preventing them. It's just about money as far as I can see.
  13. Thank Christ, the roads have suddenly become that much safer with all those cabbies striking. :LOL:

    But no doubt they'll be back on the roads before long - merging into us, flipping u turns with no warning and being a general menace again before much longer.

    Enjoy the safer roads while you can :grin:
  14. Ha ha ha ha, i'd love to see cross-referenced road incident statistics for the CBD for the strike day!!
  15. Why the hell are the useless bastards shouting "justice" and "Vic Police - Shame" ???

    Far as I can see they've apprehended someone and 'justice' is about to run it's course :?
  16. As far as I was aware, I heard on news this morn it was over a fellow indian driver being stabbed to death and them pulling the race card? Saying becasue they indian people aren't prepared to spend cash on their saftey and how Sydney has plastic bubbles in there cabs that seperate the driver from the passengers and surrounds them. Correct me if Im wrong? nothing to do with cashola.
  17. Interesting bit of trivia regarding the plastic bubbles .... they were introduced by the NSW government in response to attacks on cabbies and initially made compulsory. This was changed after numerous protests from cabbies about having to fit these things - so the government amended the requirement to either a bubble or a security camera. Dunno if that is still the case though, 'coz I rarely ride in taxis.
  18. Well I guess its safe to assume what some taxi drivers do in their spare time...

    If that's not a p0rn name, I don't know what is! :rofl:

  19. I predict they will be asking for concealed carry permits tomorrow morning.