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When should you come off your 250?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ricomac, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Folks

    I have been posting about upgrades recently. But I have been wondering, when is the right time to come off the 250 and head for a 600. How much experience is enough?

    I say I have put 2000km on my VTR since I have had it.

  2. When you feel comfortable with it?
  3. The best time to come of a 250 (or any bike) is after it comes to a complete stop and the side stand is down. :wink: :LOL:

    For the rest of it, you just have to let gut feeling and your bank account balance do the talking. :)
  4. When you hit oil?
  5. When you feel right about it...go with your instinct!

    Oh..and make sure you can afford the insurance on your next bike! This often comes as a shock ..:)
  6. When you should come off your 250??

    When you can no longer hang on and the edge of the road is coming up fast! :LOL:


    If you've been driving for about half your 31 years, then your roadcraft ought to be pretty good. I'd say, if you can get a good trade-in or sell price for the 250, do it now, you won't regret it :grin:
  7. The day you get your full time licence. :cool:
  8. Yeah I started driving at 16. Then scooters and bikes for about 2 years now. Been on the VTR about 6 months.
  9. Ive done over 20,000km in a year on my P and L plates.
    im still worried about the power upgrade and can i handle it.
    My 250 Hornet still gives me a fright sometimes, something that a bigger bike scares me more.
    Its your confidence and not mine but 2000k is a bit early by my standard but I dont know how you ride and stuff.

    I can see the benefits of a bigger bike with handling and braking, but its a tough call to make when you never can tell how your going to handle the power or weight difference given a spot of trouble.

    I crashed my 250 through no fault of my own but I can honestly see myself putting myself at more risk by faster speeds and a bigger bike right now. I dont think I could handle controlling a heavier bike at a faster speed, any better than my lighter 250 .
    At the weekend I was doing fast......very fast speeds on an open straight, then comes the slight left sweeper and the bike did not want to turn at 180kmph.
    Scary..... :shock:

    Each to there own of course.
  10. well most say it is best not to come off at all but I think that you should come off at least once so you realise you are not made of steel.

    I say when you feel comfortable phisicly mentally and financially.
    I am in no hurry to upgrade.
  11. i'm glad this question came up because as i've recently gone from a sluggish 250 to a pretty quick 750 i have a strong view on the subject.

    upgrading isn't scary!! going from the 250cc to the 750cc was no scarier than when i went from my 50cc scooter to the zzr250. a bit more go but all you need is half decent throttle control and a few thousand km under you belt. not a big deal at all.

    ask matt, he went from a zzr250 to a zx9 without a worry.

    stookie 20,000km! geez dude if you're not ready now you never will be, chill out and ride a bigger bike you won't have a probem. :)

    look at the yanks, they all start on 600cc bikes and manage to get by.
  12. I too am asking myself this question.....

    I'm no hoon and consider myself quite sensible but i believe my cornering skills are quite poor.

    I would also like your opinion guys as to whether or not i should upgrade? Should i master cornering on my 250 before upgrading? i'm not so concerned of the power change cause i'm pretty sure i'll take it easy. Watcha think? (sorry if i've hijacked thread)
  13. you mean wang chung :)
  14. No worries mate. I was all set on upgrading and then I did the HART intermediate course. I though I could brake ok. So they sent me down the track at 60km and I had to brake as hard as I could. Fu*&k me, I locked the rear, smoke going everywhere, bike jackknifed and I stalled it for good measure. But................I stopped quickly.

    Good course. They made me keep doing it at speed until I got it right.

    So thats why I posted the question about upgrading as I dont know when is right.
  15. I came off restrictions in Feb this year and have since been test riding a number of bikes from all different power ratios. I was scared when I first tried, but have now gone from my 250 to testing 750, 900, 1000 and 1100...

    The only thing stopping me now is my finances. Getting back on my 250 is hard too because I have realised it's massive LACK of power and size, so I have found over the last 2 or months I only ride my 250 when I need to, and test ride bigger bikes on the weekends... The change is not that much, except that you won't want to go back down in power.

    Just be sensible and upgrade when all the pieces fit.
  16. Everyone is or SHOULD BE apprehensive about going from 250 & up. But not to the point where it down right out scares you to death. It just wont happen otherwise. Confidence within yourself is the key.

    When we started looking around @ bigger bikes I knew within myself that a 600 would be my limit. Ask people you trust who ride see what they think your capable of I did. ( in my case brothers & couple friends ) Dont let someone talk you into something your just not comfortable with.

    But only you will know when your ready, & as long as your aware & acknowledge there is a difference in weight, power etc you will be fine & take your time in getting to know the bike.
  17. When you hit a car!?
  18. Interesting discussion, I see no need to jump into a bigger bike for the main reason of ecconomy. Fuel prices the way they are are silly, why burn more than you need too. In terms of experience, weather 2000 k or 20000 k , it comes down to how comfortable the rider feels.
  19. you stole my joke!! :(
    i was thinking similar to that when i read the title, damn it.

    when you can legally get off your 250, i'd personally upgrade
    the sooner the better, so you can learn on that bike instead of getting comfortable throwing a 250 around.
    you need a big bike to respect the throttle and weight
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